Monday, December 19, 2011

ASIMO, the Robot

ASIMO is the currently most advanced humanoid robot from Honda. The hardware on 15 December 2004 presented research model of ASIMO is 1.20 meters tall and weighs 54 kg . The integrated power supply is enough for about 40 minutes of operation, while the robot moves as possible. On the other hand, the required battery approximately 3 hours, until it is fully charged. The current version of ASIMO has 34 degrees of freedom.

On 13 December 2005, presented an improved control system, which allows the robot, with a velocity of about 2.7 kilometers per hour (km / h) when walking move (previous model: 2.5 km / h). This speed is reduced to 1.6 km / h, when ASIMO carrying something. ASIMO can also "run" in the current version with up to 6 km / h (previous model: 3 km / h). The phases in which ASIMOs feet do not touch the floor simultaneously is 80 milliseconds (ms) in length (previous model: 50 ms). ASIMO is also the first time able, at 5 km / h in circuit to run (radius: 2.5 m).

Honda began in 1986 with the development of humanoid robots, but the trend continued up to the idea of "P2" in December 1996 under wraps. In the summer of 1999 began the "Honda Research & Development Wako Fundamental Technical Research Center" in Japan with the development of ASIMO, including the 31 Completed in October 2000 and 20 November 2000 was presented to the public.

Toys and baby safety go together

Christmas is just around the corner one more time And if you do not happen with acquaintances also have an expectant mother, you may have a foster child or myself are a mother (or father) of a small baby.

Baby Toys is one of the most popular baby gifts in addition to clothes. Are just toys, especially when they are cheap and may be produced in a distant land, not of the quality, as it may have been once?

Just two weeks ago, the U.S. has signed an agreement with Beijing on product safety, as it had occurred in recent years repeatedly that high defective toys had to be called back in huge numbers again.

It therefore applies to all infant and toddler-toy-buyers to throw a critical eye on the packaging and the toys themselves. It is stamped with the seal of tested safety (GS Mark)? Or has the TÜV-proof signs for pollutant-tested toys? What materials were used for the baby's toys?

Should their critical gaze discover nothing more than a purchase of a cute mobile for the nursery or stimulating the senses pram chain is nothing in the way.

Harmless baby toy, which is equipped with all safety certificates and what they can safely buy offers in the web page d D-Toy was founded in spring 2009 in response to the alarming reports of pollution-tainted toys. It was deliberately created a place where parents have to make themselves and toy buyers about the quality of the toys do not worry, because all there offered toys "Made in Germany" and are very high quality. And by the way are all sorts of information about the toys around the subject and Baby Safety available on the page.

So before you next time just buy any rash on the fly, or a gripping ring rattle, take a look at the label or the packaging of the toy - your baby and the safety of her child's sake.

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