Monday, October 31, 2011

Banks should not provide too large for a bust

End of systemic importance. The days of guaranteed salvation for large banks is set to expire. The G-20 member states want to regulate a development of the financial houses.

The G-20 countries aggravate the debt crisis amid the pressure on banks and financial markets. Should be adopted at the G-20 summit in Cannes, new international standards, such as banks could be settled next to a stricter supervision, reported the "mirror", referring to the draft summit communique.

Financial institutions would no longer be too big for a bust. Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble (CDU) threatened the banks with sanctions, should they refuse to cut debt planned for Greece. The outgoing ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet warned in the newspaper "Bild am Sonntag", ". The crisis is not over".

As the "mirror", reported the group wants the major industrial and emerging countries (G 20) at their meeting on 3 and 4 November bold steps to reform the financial sector in order. Accordingly, banks should be forced to expel much more capital than previously. Should also excessively high salaries and bonus payments be no more.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dual SIM mobile phone

Mobile phone shop provides what they have at least some cell phone users eagerly desired for years, namely to operate two SIM cards simultaneously in one phone. In the 90s, a dual-SIM phone would have been interesting especially if you often resided in areas with changing radio coverage. The GSM networks at the time were not yet developed so well that she almost any place would have been available. Especially in rural areas is often came through regions where there were maybe only one or two networks available.

The interest on the parallel use of two SIM cards for years and carries the industry's needs. First there were mobile phone batteries, who received a second SIM. In the first devices had to be still off and go again to switch the phone between the two cards. Later, this battery possessed of little switches. Finally, it was also higher electronic systems; the SIM Application Tool kit menu generated by the user could switch between the two cards.

The mobile phone (dual SIM) uses two transmitting and receiving devices in a device to be available simultaneously on two lines (SIM cards). This is technically a trivial task, but many manufacturers produce mobile phones with a SIM card only, because the demand is so great. For sales representatives and sales abroad are often employed, the variant cell phone with two SIM cards is optimal. These can also use a foreign SIM card in the phone without the phone or the SIM card change.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

As a daily aspirin increases risk of bleeding heart protection

Hamburg / Berlin (DAPD). The medical drug acetylsalicylic acid, or "ASS", is known not only as a good remedy for headaches, but also as a blood thinner. Of these people will benefit with increased risk of heart attack or stroke. be taken, however, must for this health benefit another risk in department: "ASA can cause internal bleeding, especially in the gastro-intestinal tract, cause," said Professor Christoph M. Bamberger, director of the Medical Prevention Center Hamburg, University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf .

"In low doses, aspirin inhibits the Blutplättchenverklumpung, the blood thinner," says Bamberger. The risk of a heart attack or stroke would be "demonstrably reduced. As a long-term medication Bamberger recommended because of potential side effects but only people who really have evidence of an increased risk for heart attacks: "This should be checked by a doctor in a particular case, for example, by an ultrasound examination of the carotid arteries."

While about 500 milligrams of active ingredient for pain to be taken by means of a tablet, aspirin is a blood thinner used very low doses, "More than 100 milligrams per day should it because of the possible side effects, but in no case."

Cleaning Business: Why clean the windows?

Whether it's cleaning business, office cleaning, or cleaning of industrial premises:

The windows are opening to the outside: it's about corporate image potential customers;

The windows are back light: maintenance can benefit from the maximum brightness possible in the premises (the light is always beneficial to the morale and motivation of employees).

Window Cleaning for both windows open space, the windows of clothing stores and hair salons.
How and when to clean the windows?

If, as a rule, window cleaning is done at least once a week, the frequency of window cleaning depends on several factors:

•    The use of premises: shops will need to have a clean window at all hours of the day, a daily or weekly     maintenance is almost indispensable in the case of bi-monthly office cleaning is often sufficient;
•    the situation (pedestrian, main road, the sea ..)
•    the vagaries of everyday life and damage;
•    after work, Lords of final cleaning project .

To clean the glass, you must:
•    the cleaning product for windows,
•    of cleaning equipment suitable: scrapers, microfiber cloths for drying.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The bag and its benefits

If you're curious about the benefits of shoulder bags, be sure to this article. You will subsequently open to all the benefits of using shoulder bag offers.

Bags are part of the fashion industry by storm the market. People of any age, gender or race experience pleasure in their bags. Women are supposed to have more bags than men. This could very well be true. Nevertheless, the men will not be intimidated. Bags have evolved through the years, like everything else, and are related to the evolution of mankind.

Today, shoulder bags one of the best known adaptations as bags are concerned. They are a desirable accessory in our society. Women seem to have a greater passion for shoulder bags. But men will follow this contagious passion. Almost everyone in the world needs a shoulder bag. This means that these bags are very useful for everyone.

Shoulder bags can be used for different things and everyone has at some point the advantages of an experienced shoulder. Some of these benefits include:

Benefits for children:
  • Children have a lot of possessions they cannot simply leave. One of those favourite things are toys. It would probably be fun to look at the shoulder of a child to watch. Shows that children much value their possessions. And the most valuable toys and food for them.
  • The classroom looks probably a bag shop. Pupils are very fond of their shoulder bags to go to school. Not only for their books, pens, pencils, notebooks and other school supplies in store, but also fashion considerations. Of course it would be ironic if they prefer fashion over their studies.
Working men and women:
  • People who work the shoulder bag is very handy. They will therefore not fail to use their shoulder to go to work. Paperwork in the office and documents are most often found in their shoulder bags. Then contain other typical female stuff, and still others were just chosen because they are fashionable. Some women choose to shoulder bags to match their uniforms. Men use shoulder bags for important things such as portable computers and documents. Men choose only in exceptional circumstances for a fashionable bag.
Benefits for mothers:
  • Naturally, shoulder bags very useful for mothers. They use these bags to their babies to carry valuables. So they never forget washcloths, milk bottles, bibs, diapers, wipes, etc.
Fashion Conscious:
  • It is undeniable that the use of a bag a fashionable move. Shoulder bags are chosen for clothes and shoes to fit, but also to just have to unpack. They are the desirable habit of the fashion industry.
Shoulder bags are so many benefits. There are designs that fit with each use. There are lots of possible uses for a shoulder bag, and they depend on the needs of the user.

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Children eat too much meat, meat & sweets

Children snacking too much candy, eat too much meat and sausage and drinking enough. This is the result of the so-called Greta study (German Representative Study of Toddler Alimentation), created in collaboration with the Research Institute for Child Nutrition (FKE) in Dortmund and TNS Healthcare. Accordingly drink (small) children not recommended as 0.6 and 0.7 liters 0.4 liters but good day. In addition, the sweets are around 50 grams a day, also well above the acceptable 25 to 30 grams recommendation suggested in this study were examined in the 525 representatively selected households with one to three years old children and with the help of questionnaires, particularly children from two years of often the severity.

"During the transition from paste to a family meal, the children take the eating behavior of adults," said FKE nutritionist Annett Hilbig. Here, parents can therefore mostly wrong. It was noticed, so Hilbig, that children often eat even after the transfer, even porridge, even up to the age of three. "They either eat it or like the parents, there is a certain amount of security thinking, because it could do with porridge nothing wrong," thought Hilbig.

A little surprised the scientists, however, show by the realization that children eat in the higher education levels tend to be better. That stems not only from the choice of fresh foods, but also because the parents persevere, they say. There is no binding rule for infant and young child does not, however. For the FKE is recommended for a healthy mixed diet: eat many plant foods such as vegetables, fruit, bread, rice, pasta and potatoes, and drink plenty of water. Even unsweetened teas and diluted spritzers with no added sugar are allowed. Sausage, meat, fish and sweets, eggs, milk and milk products but should be eaten only in small quantities, the Research Institute for Child Nutrition advises.

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