Monday, December 19, 2011

ASIMO, the Robot

ASIMO is the currently most advanced humanoid robot from Honda. The hardware on 15 December 2004 presented research model of ASIMO is 1.20 meters tall and weighs 54 kg . The integrated power supply is enough for about 40 minutes of operation, while the robot moves as possible. On the other hand, the required battery approximately 3 hours, until it is fully charged. The current version of ASIMO has 34 degrees of freedom.

On 13 December 2005, presented an improved control system, which allows the robot, with a velocity of about 2.7 kilometers per hour (km / h) when walking move (previous model: 2.5 km / h). This speed is reduced to 1.6 km / h, when ASIMO carrying something. ASIMO can also "run" in the current version with up to 6 km / h (previous model: 3 km / h). The phases in which ASIMOs feet do not touch the floor simultaneously is 80 milliseconds (ms) in length (previous model: 50 ms). ASIMO is also the first time able, at 5 km / h in circuit to run (radius: 2.5 m).

Honda began in 1986 with the development of humanoid robots, but the trend continued up to the idea of "P2" in December 1996 under wraps. In the summer of 1999 began the "Honda Research & Development Wako Fundamental Technical Research Center" in Japan with the development of ASIMO, including the 31 Completed in October 2000 and 20 November 2000 was presented to the public.

Toys and baby safety go together

Christmas is just around the corner one more time And if you do not happen with acquaintances also have an expectant mother, you may have a foster child or myself are a mother (or father) of a small baby.

Baby Toys is one of the most popular baby gifts in addition to clothes. Are just toys, especially when they are cheap and may be produced in a distant land, not of the quality, as it may have been once?

Just two weeks ago, the U.S. has signed an agreement with Beijing on product safety, as it had occurred in recent years repeatedly that high defective toys had to be called back in huge numbers again.

It therefore applies to all infant and toddler-toy-buyers to throw a critical eye on the packaging and the toys themselves. It is stamped with the seal of tested safety (GS Mark)? Or has the TÜV-proof signs for pollutant-tested toys? What materials were used for the baby's toys?

Should their critical gaze discover nothing more than a purchase of a cute mobile for the nursery or stimulating the senses pram chain is nothing in the way.

Harmless baby toy, which is equipped with all safety certificates and what they can safely buy offers in the web page d D-Toy was founded in spring 2009 in response to the alarming reports of pollution-tainted toys. It was deliberately created a place where parents have to make themselves and toy buyers about the quality of the toys do not worry, because all there offered toys "Made in Germany" and are very high quality. And by the way are all sorts of information about the toys around the subject and Baby Safety available on the page.

So before you next time just buy any rash on the fly, or a gripping ring rattle, take a look at the label or the packaging of the toy - your baby and the safety of her child's sake.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Google tilts seven projects

Google CEO Larry Page streamlined its Internet Group: The search engine giant is now officially on seven projects. The best known is "Wave", the teams collaborating on multiple locations and devices should facilitate.

Other ideas that did not arrive and no longer fit the core business: Gears (offline apps) system, Search Timeline (search history), Friend Connect (Friend Finder), Bookmark (Online bookmarks), and Knol (online encyclopedia).

The seventh failed project that has nothing to do with the only software, Google's foray into the world of renewable energies. 2009, the former Google manager Bill Weihl announced to offer within a few years, technologies that enable the production of renewable energy could be done cheaper. Now it was announced that Weihl has already left the company this month.

"To sum up, we are going to close down a number of projects that did not have the effect we had hoped," the company wrote in its official blog .

Google called the reduction "spring cleaning" since it began in April with the exchange of Page to top management. It is the third time since then that Google projects pulped.

New technologies from Apple and Facebook put pressure on the IT giants - because one must remain flexible. Many investors have given the rising costs of Google already turned up his nose.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Protection against moisture

The influence of humidity and has always been a problem of building and use of buildings. Building structures must be located, designed, and be fit for that caused by water and moisture is no danger or undue harassment. In conjunction with heaters today good hygienic living conditions are reached. Protection against moisture and heat protection cannot be considered independently. Inadequate protection against moisture reduces the insulation and poor heat protection can lead to moisture damage.

First Requirements:

The building heat and moisture protection must meet several tasks. To ensure hygienic living conditions, a minimum thermal insulation, sealing the building against moisture and a minimum air exchange must be ensured. For the well-being and performance of the residents, a comfortable interior climate can be achieved. With regard to the sparing use of resources to plan buildings are energy efficient to run and to use or operate. This concerns mainly the heating and heating energy consumption, but increasingly also other building equipment for cooling, ventilation, lighting, etc.

Second "Breathing Walls", sorption, diffusion:

A breathing space-enclosing the components in terms of air exchange between the room and outside air will not occur. Such behaviour of the components would also be undesirable, as this would occur, an uncontrolled heat loss and the airborne sound insulation would be insufficient. Porous materials will require vapour-permeable cross-section of multilayer structures of special constructive measures to prevent condensation of moisture and precipitation, and components to enable a hygienically acceptable occupancy.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Banks should not provide too large for a bust

End of systemic importance. The days of guaranteed salvation for large banks is set to expire. The G-20 member states want to regulate a development of the financial houses.

The G-20 countries aggravate the debt crisis amid the pressure on banks and financial markets. Should be adopted at the G-20 summit in Cannes, new international standards, such as banks could be settled next to a stricter supervision, reported the "mirror", referring to the draft summit communique.

Financial institutions would no longer be too big for a bust. Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble (CDU) threatened the banks with sanctions, should they refuse to cut debt planned for Greece. The outgoing ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet warned in the newspaper "Bild am Sonntag", ". The crisis is not over".

As the "mirror", reported the group wants the major industrial and emerging countries (G 20) at their meeting on 3 and 4 November bold steps to reform the financial sector in order. Accordingly, banks should be forced to expel much more capital than previously. Should also excessively high salaries and bonus payments be no more.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dual SIM mobile phone

Mobile phone shop provides what they have at least some cell phone users eagerly desired for years, namely to operate two SIM cards simultaneously in one phone. In the 90s, a dual-SIM phone would have been interesting especially if you often resided in areas with changing radio coverage. The GSM networks at the time were not yet developed so well that she almost any place would have been available. Especially in rural areas is often came through regions where there were maybe only one or two networks available.

The interest on the parallel use of two SIM cards for years and carries the industry's needs. First there were mobile phone batteries, who received a second SIM. In the first devices had to be still off and go again to switch the phone between the two cards. Later, this battery possessed of little switches. Finally, it was also higher electronic systems; the SIM Application Tool kit menu generated by the user could switch between the two cards.

The mobile phone (dual SIM) uses two transmitting and receiving devices in a device to be available simultaneously on two lines (SIM cards). This is technically a trivial task, but many manufacturers produce mobile phones with a SIM card only, because the demand is so great. For sales representatives and sales abroad are often employed, the variant cell phone with two SIM cards is optimal. These can also use a foreign SIM card in the phone without the phone or the SIM card change.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

As a daily aspirin increases risk of bleeding heart protection

Hamburg / Berlin (DAPD). The medical drug acetylsalicylic acid, or "ASS", is known not only as a good remedy for headaches, but also as a blood thinner. Of these people will benefit with increased risk of heart attack or stroke. be taken, however, must for this health benefit another risk in department: "ASA can cause internal bleeding, especially in the gastro-intestinal tract, cause," said Professor Christoph M. Bamberger, director of the Medical Prevention Center Hamburg, University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf .

"In low doses, aspirin inhibits the Blutplättchenverklumpung, the blood thinner," says Bamberger. The risk of a heart attack or stroke would be "demonstrably reduced. As a long-term medication Bamberger recommended because of potential side effects but only people who really have evidence of an increased risk for heart attacks: "This should be checked by a doctor in a particular case, for example, by an ultrasound examination of the carotid arteries."

While about 500 milligrams of active ingredient for pain to be taken by means of a tablet, aspirin is a blood thinner used very low doses, "More than 100 milligrams per day should it because of the possible side effects, but in no case."

Cleaning Business: Why clean the windows?

Whether it's cleaning business, office cleaning, or cleaning of industrial premises:

The windows are opening to the outside: it's about corporate image potential customers;

The windows are back light: maintenance can benefit from the maximum brightness possible in the premises (the light is always beneficial to the morale and motivation of employees).

Window Cleaning for both windows open space, the windows of clothing stores and hair salons.
How and when to clean the windows?

If, as a rule, window cleaning is done at least once a week, the frequency of window cleaning depends on several factors:

•    The use of premises: shops will need to have a clean window at all hours of the day, a daily or weekly     maintenance is almost indispensable in the case of bi-monthly office cleaning is often sufficient;
•    the situation (pedestrian, main road, the sea ..)
•    the vagaries of everyday life and damage;
•    after work, Lords of final cleaning project .

To clean the glass, you must:
•    the cleaning product for windows,
•    of cleaning equipment suitable: scrapers, microfiber cloths for drying.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The bag and its benefits

If you're curious about the benefits of shoulder bags, be sure to this article. You will subsequently open to all the benefits of using shoulder bag offers.

Bags are part of the fashion industry by storm the market. People of any age, gender or race experience pleasure in their bags. Women are supposed to have more bags than men. This could very well be true. Nevertheless, the men will not be intimidated. Bags have evolved through the years, like everything else, and are related to the evolution of mankind.

Today, shoulder bags one of the best known adaptations as bags are concerned. They are a desirable accessory in our society. Women seem to have a greater passion for shoulder bags. But men will follow this contagious passion. Almost everyone in the world needs a shoulder bag. This means that these bags are very useful for everyone.

Shoulder bags can be used for different things and everyone has at some point the advantages of an experienced shoulder. Some of these benefits include:

Benefits for children:
  • Children have a lot of possessions they cannot simply leave. One of those favourite things are toys. It would probably be fun to look at the shoulder of a child to watch. Shows that children much value their possessions. And the most valuable toys and food for them.
  • The classroom looks probably a bag shop. Pupils are very fond of their shoulder bags to go to school. Not only for their books, pens, pencils, notebooks and other school supplies in store, but also fashion considerations. Of course it would be ironic if they prefer fashion over their studies.
Working men and women:
  • People who work the shoulder bag is very handy. They will therefore not fail to use their shoulder to go to work. Paperwork in the office and documents are most often found in their shoulder bags. Then contain other typical female stuff, and still others were just chosen because they are fashionable. Some women choose to shoulder bags to match their uniforms. Men use shoulder bags for important things such as portable computers and documents. Men choose only in exceptional circumstances for a fashionable bag.
Benefits for mothers:
  • Naturally, shoulder bags very useful for mothers. They use these bags to their babies to carry valuables. So they never forget washcloths, milk bottles, bibs, diapers, wipes, etc.
Fashion Conscious:
  • It is undeniable that the use of a bag a fashionable move. Shoulder bags are chosen for clothes and shoes to fit, but also to just have to unpack. They are the desirable habit of the fashion industry.
Shoulder bags are so many benefits. There are designs that fit with each use. There are lots of possible uses for a shoulder bag, and they depend on the needs of the user.

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Children eat too much meat, meat & sweets

Children snacking too much candy, eat too much meat and sausage and drinking enough. This is the result of the so-called Greta study (German Representative Study of Toddler Alimentation), created in collaboration with the Research Institute for Child Nutrition (FKE) in Dortmund and TNS Healthcare. Accordingly drink (small) children not recommended as 0.6 and 0.7 liters 0.4 liters but good day. In addition, the sweets are around 50 grams a day, also well above the acceptable 25 to 30 grams recommendation suggested in this study were examined in the 525 representatively selected households with one to three years old children and with the help of questionnaires, particularly children from two years of often the severity.

"During the transition from paste to a family meal, the children take the eating behavior of adults," said FKE nutritionist Annett Hilbig. Here, parents can therefore mostly wrong. It was noticed, so Hilbig, that children often eat even after the transfer, even porridge, even up to the age of three. "They either eat it or like the parents, there is a certain amount of security thinking, because it could do with porridge nothing wrong," thought Hilbig.

A little surprised the scientists, however, show by the realization that children eat in the higher education levels tend to be better. That stems not only from the choice of fresh foods, but also because the parents persevere, they say. There is no binding rule for infant and young child does not, however. For the FKE is recommended for a healthy mixed diet: eat many plant foods such as vegetables, fruit, bread, rice, pasta and potatoes, and drink plenty of water. Even unsweetened teas and diluted spritzers with no added sugar are allowed. Sausage, meat, fish and sweets, eggs, milk and milk products but should be eaten only in small quantities, the Research Institute for Child Nutrition advises.

Madagascar Song

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All about builders

The Builder is Construction Law The legally and economically responsible Client in the implementation of Building project. As a builder is someone who can prepare their own behalf or for the account of others or their own building projects or to prepare or execute or run can be. He can be both a natural person and a legal person be.

The developer has to prepare, monitor and execute a construction project requiring approval or notification one author of draft and to appoint a contractor, so depending on local legal requirements. The builder is also responsible for the public service regulations necessary applications, documents and notices to building control authority. He may delegate these tasks to the draft author.

Are the persons appointed by the client for their duties after expertise and experience is not suitable, then the building control authority before and during construction may require that unsuitable officers replaced by a suitable or appropriate expert can be used. The building control construction work can be set, are ordered to appropriate officers or experts.

Changes the client, and then notify the new owner of the building control authority in writing immediately. Furthermore, for the builders Security and Traffic Safety on their Site responsible and bear responsibility if third parties were appointed to handle and oversee the building project.

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Live 20 years longer thanks to healthy diet

That healthy eating is important for a healthy life and a healthy body that is not a Gehmeinis. Now Ernärhungswissenschaftler discovered in an investigation: Who eats properly, can hope to be up to age 20 years.

Much fat, sugar and much salt: Today's diet is often so unhealthy that it not only makes fat. Because according to German Nutrition Society (DGE) in Germany are "food-related illnesses for 68 percent, more than two-thirds of the deaths." Go Of the approximately 850,000 deaths annually in the country more than 550,000, at least in part on the account of the diet. 

In reverse, a healthy diet can obviously extend the life. "Those who can properly nourished, may hope for a further bonus of up to 20 years," the Jena nutritionist Michael Ristow says to the world. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, lots of fish and little meat included in the opinion of Ristow to the diet. This red meat is particularly unfavorable. Ristow cautioning against compensate for the vitamin requirements with tablets. No amount of high-dose vitamin capsule can replace an apple with its hundreds of individual substances.

The non-ventilated flat roof (warm roof)

Basically a non-ventilated flat roof of a support structure for example consists of reinforced concrete, wood or steel trapezoidal profiles, which connect to the insulation and the roof skin flush. If you look more closely at the structure again, we see how many layers there is really a hot roof.

•    To get the required angle of the roof is applied in concrete structures (ceiling of the building) a concrete layer gradient (slope screed). This is obviously connected with an unwanted weight gain. They used either unreinforced normal weight concrete or lightweight concrete. However, there are disparities insulation panels that can take over this function. For wood and trapezoidal sheet roof structures may be contacted by the slope without great technical effort.

•    The supporting structure, in addition to the space separating the tasks still function to absorb the expense and pay off as well as to ensure sound and fire protection. Supporting structures made of reinforced concrete and profile sheets available on their surface a primer for bitumen emulsion or bitumen solution. The primer is applied to improve the adhesion of the adhesives. In addition, it binds the remaining dust and has a water repellent effect.

•    The following is a compensation or separation layer. Its task is to separate incompatible materials and also serves as a sliding layer. The separating layer may for example consist of perforated glass fleece bitumen or bitumen roof membranes with an insert made of aluminium or copper foil.

•    Recommended for the subsequent vapour barrier or vapour barrier is a PE film or roofing sheets, depending on the requirement of different support insert.
This vapour retarder / vapour barrier is to retard or prevent the diffusion of water vapour in the insulation and the seal or under.

•    For example, thermal insulation are mineral wool, polystyrene PS, EPS expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene XPS foam and glass. For sparkling glass on concrete structures is a vapour barrier is not necessary because it is moisture-resistant high pressure loads and after the installation. As already mentioned, the insulating layer can serve also to produce the required minimum gap.

•    The task of the vapour pressure equalization layer to local vapour pressure generated when heated or immigrant trapped moisture to distribute, and to relax by. It also allows relative movement between the roofing (roofing) and thermal insulation. The compensation layer usually has a multilayer structure. For example, as materials are perforated glass fleece bitumen or bitumen roof membranes with an insert made of aluminium or copper foil.

•    To get the waterproof construction, there are roughly two ways: the structure and the bituminous film structure. At least two layers are bituminous constructions, while foil seals are generally carried out in one layer.

•    A gravel layer with a thickness of 5 to 10 cm is used to protect against direct sunlight, wind suction and mechanical damage. Please refer to the paragraph "Gravel on the roof - yes or no?" But also as a surface protection plate covering, roofs, slate and ceramic chips using interference.

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Man and Van Delivery Service

The choice of a perfect Delivery service and driver to get to your destination safely and in peace.

A wide range of services covers the needs of individual users, as well as a businessman and tourists, their movements in the short, medium and long range. Services will ensure the style, professionalism, courtesy and tact, and are increasingly able to meet the highest safety standards in luxury and comfort.

With a network capable of staffing services covering the needs of the Man and Van for hire. Fill out the offer a unique service delivery documentation and / or blocks as well as in Italy and abroad, even in the air (on-board courier / courier service on board), with shipments to those who need a high level of security and a very short delivery times.

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History of Swimming


Swimming means the exercise of Swimming as sports Discipline. In its basic form, as is the swimming competition of several participants against each other carry the address of a given swim course in the shortest possible time, or even without any time pressure to improve their swimming style.

Swimming has been one of the first Olympics Modern Times (1896 Athens) On the Olympic program. In the second Olympics 1900 in Paris were one Swimming obstacleOrganized an underwater endurance swim and a 4,000-meter swim. Except for the latter (Long-distance swimming), These forms of competition were not carried out more later. In the Olympics 1912 the first time women were allowed to swim in competition. Found since 1973, official World Swimming Championships instead. Commonly, swimming competitions according to the rules of the International Swimming Federation Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) will be performed.

Technical exercises in the swimming pool lead to an optimization of the layers, which presents itself in an improved body control in the water. At the same time prevents you from injuries in sports.Through various exercises you can learn its position in the water, his arm or leg movements, and general coordination of the body, the body voltage and proper breathing (especially in competitive sports). The important thing is the observance of rest between each exercise and its repetitions. The length of the breaks are determined by the frequency and type of exercise you do. Each exercise has its own difficulty in strength, coordination and flexibility. The more demanding the exercise, the more skills need to be accessed simultaneously. Hence an individual / customized design is important to pause.

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Furniture Installation - Kitchen Installation:

We carry your relocation cost effective and with trained staff!

Our Services:

* Establishment of stopping areas
* Kitchen Fitters London
* Private, companies, agencies and authorities
* Housing and Keller resolutions,
* Clearing out of all kinds,
* Basement, attic, garage, etc.
* Assembling of furniture - kitchen Monday
* Employment Service, Job Centre moves, all payroll offices
* Moving materials (sales, redemption)
* No hidden costs
* Work begins with you
* Affordable Quality Moving

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Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3: Announcement, including teaser and first dates

Activision has now put an end to all speculations, Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 officially announced and revealed many details including release date.

Now finally it's official: Call of Duty - Modern Warfare to 3 on 8 November 2011 will be published. Activision and Infinity Ward did the same breath, also known as the scenes that play on which the new branch is. Among the twelve cities are the European cities of Berlin, Paris and London. But New York and Dubai are also included. Some of these cities are already short teaser trailer appeared. These can be found later in this article.

The story in Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 should therefore include some fifteen missions, the last of which appeared to play in Dubai. The act of directly to the action of the previous Modern Warfare 2 on, whereby one or the other open question is to determine from the last cutting. The story begins with the invasion of the Russians in New York.

Short It is playful in Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 the possibility of permanent roles and gives the scene changes. The characters, in which the players can slip it, it seems that a Russian agent, tanks and AC-130 shooting a SAS soldier, and Delta Force members. Even the multiplayer of Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3, the leaders have expressed. Accordingly, there are 20 maps, some of which will be released as DLC though. The multiplayer modes are also known from the previous mission and Survival modes.

Monday, May 9, 2011

How to choose flowers for your wedding?

If you want to venture out alone, make sure you do your research properly. You should be aware of seasonal flowers, and are available in your area. For example, if you live in the UK, and have opted for a sort of tropical flower, you must ensure that they are in season, and are delivered on time. Be sure to choose a couriers UK or delivery service, which ensures that the flowers you receive a god fit. The selection of local flowers should be a better choice if you're trying to keep within a tight budget. Flowers such as roses, lilies and peonies are readily available throughout the United Kingdom, can be delivered anywhere in support of carrier and creates a classic look and timeless, too.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Microsoft distributed a new patch for Windows Mobile 7

After the majority of smart phones Windows Mobile 7 has received in recent weeks, the so-called Nodo update now is a first patch that the security of the mobile Operating Systems should improve from Microsoft.
The owners of a smart phone with Windows Mobile 7 will receive an update notification "Over the Air". To install the patches must be on the Zune software on a PC be used. Then, with the operating system version number 7.0.7392.0. This is a critical update that fixes a problem related to unsafe SSL certificates.

All browser manufacturers have released an update to ensure that nine of the service provider Comodo SSL certificates are blocked because they have fallen into the hands of criminals. The System the Company has been compromised, allowing a hacker nine certificate of existing sites. These must be placed in the browsers on a blacklist.

In the worst case, the criminals could use the SSL certificates to create fake websites that foist malicious software to visitors. Since the browser detects a valid certificate, not a word of warning is issued. Manipulate the attacker DNS records could be diverted even very many users at the damaged site. Most browser vendors have already released appropriate patches.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Job Description and requirements of Courier Service

The main requirements that the company cure UK or any other company in the world would be in an individual's ability to keep time and hold a valid driver's license. Couriers UK should be able to provide evidence of driving, cycling and even going after the customer's requirements. They should also take care of the packaging from the time it is downloaded to the client's residence or employment.

All situations of delivery are not necessarily identical, and in some tasks, there may be cases where the cure may have to handle heavy or bulky objects such elaborate gifts or specially prepared documents such as plans or drawings or shipments to be very careful but quick as organ donors and donations solid food to spoil. Recruitment criteria generally involve conducting an aptitude test and previous experience in a similar situation, and the proper functioning of the legal vehicle. But some companies that offer messaging services cheap compared to other major operations prefer to hire people with their own car.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

"Terminator 5" will come... “Arnie” will be back

No role has shaped the image of Arnold Schwarzenegger as much as the Terminator. In 1984 he helped the first part of the final breakthrough in Hollywood. The sequel eight years later was one of the most successful films of its time. Here is the legendary saying "I'll be back" before.

And indeed, the 64-year-old has kept its word. His excursion into politics as a Republican governor of California (2003 to 2011) is over, now he is drawn back before the camera. Two roles, the former Mr. Universe already sure, if we may believe the rumors. In "The Last Stand" Arnie plays a security expert who must be incarcerated in his own jail. In "The Tomb" he appears as Sheriff. 

But the fox prefers know, again and again in the henhouse: In Arnie's case, happens to be the role of the Terminator, which he wants to take a fourth time. In part four ("Terminator: Salvation"), he refused even from a brief appearance.

Now the project should be addressed, despite all the gloomy predictions for Arnie's slightly younger. This is in Hollywood, but no real criterion for a man, especially as the Terminator in the movies, a time traveler and you can turn at this point in the story certainly something. Moreover, with Sylvester Stallone (born 1946) is still another action-Opa active.

Why Arnie is currently the major Hollywood studios door to door. Robert Cort, he has already opened a producer, Justin Lin ("Fast and the Furious Five") will direct. There is only a screenplay with corresponding author yet. But the story is really secondary.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Aquariums freshwater

In order to have a clearer idea of ​​the transformation of multiple prototypes of fish, nothing more banal than a freshwater aquarium. With such arrangements, it is likely to participate in the birth of Alvin, feed the fish and even maintain and decorate the interior of these tanks.

An aquarium, universally, is defined as a vessel containing water, inside which there develops some sea organisms such as fish, shellfish, algae and even micro-organisms. A freshwater aquarium is normally destined for the maintenance and control of the anatomy of tropical freshwater fish. For individuals who have aquariums, an impression of maturity develops against fish.

Freshwater aquariums are constantly visible to the forms and sizes. About aquariums small sizes, they can contain up to 38 liters of fresh water or saltwater aquariums Speaking of important dimensions, they are widely recommended by their ease of maintenance, as water, in small ponds, constantly changing chemically. The location of any storage tank must be chosen with the greatest consideration: it is - ie, not far from an outlet on a table, away from sunlight and heat sources immense .

Referring a little to the formation of a freshwater aquarium, please keep in mind it will not be conceivable at all regular plants and animals to live together, to achieve, in our case it , plants and animals from the same ecosystem will be recommended. Thus, the plants located in the aquarium can be either man-made just natural, providing retraining of nitrogenous waste. In the case of animals, in freshwater aquariums, other fish, they can turn to shrimp, snails, anemones, ...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do you have often back pain?

Four out of five people have in their lifetime back pain. Guilt is rarely the wear of the discs. Often, complaints go to the spine back to the psyche.


We are a nation of back pain sufferers. At least every second it makes one trip a year to cross one person in ten has pain every day with his back, say the statistics. Managers, actors, teachers, doctors and engineers according to a study of the Orthopaedic University Clinic in Heidelberg fewer back problems. People who work hard physically, such as construction workers or plumbers, more frequently, namely two of three. There is a distinction between specific and nonspecific back pain. In the former underlying physical causes such as heavy wear on the spine, inflammation, nerve compression, bone diseases such as osteoporosis, deformities or injuries.

More frequently, however, the unspecific back pain for which no clear cause can be identified. Pain in the back are a major cause of disability and premature retirement. In 95 percent of the cases the pain disappears but not later than four weeks of itself - even without therapy. It would thus be not equal to the doctor when it pinches at the back and zwackt, soothes pain expert Gerhard Müller-sulfurization of Göppingen. If it is however an electrifying, impulse-like pain is that radiates into the leg and tingling, paralysis and muscle weakness leading to the legs, we recommend a visit to the doctor. This indicate that it is that the nerve root by a Herniated Disc may be under pressure. This also applies in case of fever and weight loss, because then the occurrence of pain is possibly based on an inflammation or a tumor.

Often, back problems back external factors 


To come to the pain on the track, it first needs no imaging techniques such as X-ray or MRI. A detailed survey of patients and a neurological examination is usually sufficient, says the pain medicine. All too often, for bad gefahndet structures in the spine, for the pain but do not be the cause: "spine changes with age has in fact almost everyone."

Doctor Search


What is our spine, which has to bear the head and trunk, on the one hand static and the other must be very flexible and accommodates our nervous system, which is mainly for? It is not only hard work, the orthopedic surgeon and pain specialist Marcus Schiltenwolf from Heidelberg. For much of the back problems today are due mainly physical inactivity, obesity, and psychological and social problems.

Above all, the mental condition has a decisive influence on whether and when back pain occurs, and whether they are chronic. Thus, the orthopedist, Heidelberg is in studies that the onset of back pain is often associated with postpartum depression. Also proved to depression, anxiety and feelings of helplessness as risk factors for chronic course. Often the victims are also professionally under heavy pressure and have a high claims.

And psychological problems may be causes 


Back pain can be physical expression of psychological conflict. In a study of 150 patients have been treated for chronic back pain at the Orthopaedic University Clinic in Heidelberg, this was at two-thirds of the patients in the case. More than half of them also had a depression and a third of anxiety disorders. Back pain increasingly make children and young people. "The children to school press unergonomic chairs, then sit in your home with hunched shoulders at the computer and the evening watching television, criticized Wolfgang Bartel from Halberstadt, president of the All-German Society for Manual Medicine.

In recent years the view has prevailed among back pain experts believe that in most cases - less wear to the spine through work and aging, which leads to pain - namely, 60 to 70 percent. Rather, the muscles a major role is attributed to the occurrence of pain. "If they are not sufficiently trained through exercise, doing nothing really and they can not meet more of their support function," says Müller-sulfurization. The spine would destabilized by bad posture and pain are the result. Also result from unilateral pressures on the muscles as long as computer work with raised shoulders imbalances and tensions.

It is useful to dampen the Übersensiblität of nerve  


According to recent findings of researchers, the muscles that is sending out subliminal pain signals that normally trigger, no pain. You are reporting the pain stimulus to the brain only if they constantly repeat the signals, such as frequent movements or postures. It is enough that is already of such weak signals, which, when amplified in the spinal cord, causing an increased sensitivity to pain in the muscles and eventually persistent pain.

Inflammation are not always the cause, says Müller-sulfurization. It follows that anti-inflammatory drugs, as they would usually prescribed first, often not helpful. Drugs are useful to attenuate the hypersensitivity of the nerves or relaxing effect.

Lie down and save a lot of problems 


What to do about back pain? Maybe even help a relaxing bath, advise the experts. A painkiller such as paracetamol have also each in his medicine cabinet. By no means should be spared to lie down and warns Schiltenwolf. Physically active and active, but is the watchword. Recommendations for a particular sport, he is not: "You should do that which you yourself are convinced that it helps, it does so well." Targeted muscle training by physiotherapists in drug treatment of pain is another important measure to the relaxed back muscles to stabilize.

Even against strength training in a medical gym in the opinion speaks of pain experts Göppinger nothing if it was not too strenuous. Anything that promotes muscle coordination and relaxation is helpful if this is equal Yoga, auto genous training and acupuncture. By an isometric training with specific arrival and relax the muscles can improve the patient's muscle coordination itself. Endurance sports such as running or cycling added to the program. Treasure from the plant helps the devil's claw - at least for mild to severe back pain.

As much exercise helps prevent problems 


If they are already chronically, a multifaceted treatment approach is needed which should include in addition to analgesic therapy and exercise, especially with a psychological support. Patients should be strengthened in the true sense of the word back, the experts recommend that applies equally to the spiritual, physical and social constitution.

Who does not want to leave only to come back pain should move in everyday life and in leisure time as much as possible and avoid obesity. "What is done is care," says orthopedic surgeon Marcus Schiltenwolf from Heidelberg, "must make it fun."

"I have the disc," say many patients who come with severe back pain to their physician. In fact, the famous lumbago is often caused due to an abrupt movement or rotation. But come only rarely were a herniated disk or bulging of the jelly-like buffer between the vertebral bodies, said Schiltenwolf. Often the pains are a result of improper loading of the vertebral joints and back muscles. The disc herniation lead rather found in leg pain down to foot. This would be an inflammation of the spine caused from exiting nerve roots - you get to experience the famous sciatic nerve.

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All about Delivery Services

A Delivery Company dispatches goods to the customers. This includes the organization of transport and can further include the transport-related services. Not only is the purchase of individual transport services but the organization of complex packages of services from transport, handling, storage and additional logistics services is central to the business of a modern Delivery Companies. The shipping is fast becoming a logistics service provider. Here, the transport services by Railway, Truck, Aircraft, Sea or Inland often Carriers (Carriers) purchased.

The currently available services of the carriers have until the 19th Century assumed the character of specialized commercial activity. The haulage industry has divided into many groups of specialists, a wide range of national and international sea port, air freight, truck, rail and inland waterway transport agents on performance areas such as food, groupage, project cover-up to the customs agent.

Despite nuanced discount almost all Delivery Service Company handle their business on the basis of the b carrier conditions from an industry standard terms and conditions. Only where consumers are involved in the transport process, there are also other terms and conditions, as in the furniture and moving freight forwarding or package services.

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Importance of Courier Services

Courier services, mail and supplies to carry personally and directly to the sender to the recipient. Compared with the normal mail delivery is one of the second speed and personally guaranteed, without any extra for which you must apply by registered letter. In addition, there are no restrictions on the programs of weight or condition of the goods transported. Courier services are there to carry anything. The difference is the speed of freight forwarders and the fact that normally do not attend regular routes and trails and back so often over short distances.

Currently, the Couriers UK is running a lot of players in this market, a bicycle courier for large international companies in many parts of the world. These companies are still working almost primarily a business-to-business, but the trend is already visible in private enterprises and small independent. What might seem like a typical sequence of each business area? B2B sector could work like this: the advertising images and models that can not be sent by fax or e-mail to the customer in the same city.

This can be done as a bike messenger. Self-employed can take advantage of messaging services personally accountable and therefore can be sure that the customer receives immediate and witnesses (useful for non-taxpayers). As a private person can take a bike messenger or a purchase of cars for small furniture store to fill. And if you want to order, you'll probably never get one or the other, through the provision of messaging services, as these mail order houses and the owners of the online store will always be used, primarily because the better conditions and in part by the service: Programs can be requested and tracked online and delivered to the desired date and the customer 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Human emotions

Language has long been regarded as a purely abstract symbol system that has nothing to do with the body, however, has changed this view, as more and more studies indicated a strong mutual influence of language and physical reactions out.

Francesco Foroni & Gün Semin (in press) were test subjects read words on a screen while they monitored with electrodes, the activity of two facial expressions for the major facial muscles: the JochmuskelThat controls the angle of the mouth, and the StirnrunzlerResponsible for the up and down movement of the eyebrows. Half of the words referring to positive emotions, the other negative. Both groups consisted of verbs such as smile, laugh, smile and frown and cry, scream and described, the body processes, and in general adjectives like funny, funny, irritating or annoying, which included a more abstract state.

Especially with the verbs, the researchers observed a significant effect: only the positive words were twitch of the mouth, the negative relinquished the Stirnrunzler in action. It even had Impact on the mood of the subjects - Even if the words as they served up were short, they perceived that they do not realize, as another study showed. The positive terms and the physical reaction brought on to the fact that the test participants were funny cartoon pictures, as if they had seen a negative concept. the muscle activity was prevented by the subject held a pen with his lips, remained in the merriment. Appears to cause the hearing of words not only an activity in the brain areas responsible for movement, but this Activity is translated into physical reactions.
The processing of language is thus a physical simulation of the heard hand in hand, which is indispensable for understanding vermutich. The same effect can be observed when someone observes an emotional facial expression in another, both reactions are likely to put themselves better compared to his. These unconscious processes probably affect how certain operations are evaluated in the environment.

We feel what we hear

In a study by the University of Otago, subjects were asked to interpret the computer-generated, expressionless faces as either angry or happy. Then, participants saw a computer simulation in which the faces changed from a happy to an angry expression through, the subjects should identify the look that they had seen before. Here, the initial interpretation had obviously been impressed, for those who had seen the face as angry, really angry chose now more of a look, those who had seen a supposedly happy face, decided to use the joyous expression. When selecting the subjects imitated with their own facial muscles that angry or happy face they believed to preview. Offnsichtlich people see things not as they are, but as they themselves, ie, that one's faith influence the perception of the environment significantly.

Based on neurobiological findings, it is assumed that emotion and cognitive function are not independent, ie when there is a unity of mind and feeling. So people lose a specific brain damage in the area of ​​the cortex präfontalen their emotions while they are no longer in a position to make rational informed decisions (Damasio 1995, 2000). Intellect and emotion, rationality and emotion are, therefore, to each other in a complementary relationship. 

Damasio believes that feelings are indispensable for rationality and give us the direction in thinking. As the world nesitzt almost unmanageable choice, sends the Emotional Experience memory We have acquired in the course of life, from signals to simplify the decision for us, by excluding from the outset certain options and other stresses. Thus emotions have an intelligence that is in practical matters of great weight. The interplay between emotion and rationality directs the emotional "knowledge" of our current decisions. So never think is happening without the involvement of emotions, for purely cognitive messages are not possible because they are neither relevant, nor can attract attention. As long as messages addressed to the mind, even if they are repeated hundreds of times, no emotional impact, no "emotional punch" (Imprint) leave, they are not observed. This applies vice versa for emotions that are always tied to the cognitions.
Machinery covered by the sensory information that is associated with emotional information - which applies to most of cognition - that burns therefore sustainable in our brain, because there are probably a lot more nerve connections that run from the emotional center in the limbic system for cognitively oriented Cortex than vice versa. Therefore, our behavior is usually much more influenced by our feelings than by planning logic. Moreover, the limbic / emotional system is a kind of control center, which forwards the information to the cortex.

In the Advertising and Marketing are more immediately the two positive emotions fundamentals, namely, interest or pleasure addressed, with considerable combinations are given with cognitive components and differentiation, such as the use of linguistic, visual, episodic, musical and extra olfactory stimuli.
Attempts in adults, which we presented the choice to cash in either 50 € or equal to wait a week and einzustreifen then 60 € revealed in the observation by means of imaging methods that at the moment the choices made in the 50-euro people " cingulate gyrus was the active, ie that region which is the conscious experience of feeling important. In subjects who were able to delay their spontaneous reaction, a week, however, were more developed regions of the brain active, which have more to do with conscious experience. The limbic system - a legacy of our early mammalian ancestors thus represents the human "emotional intelligence", these reactions are spontaneous and pushing the cerebrum to act quickly.

Feelings persist cognitions

Justin Feinstein (University of Iowa) showed in studies with subjects whose hippocampus (responsible for the storage of new experiences) is violated, that they are still Feelings experience even if they have forgotten the reason already. His subjects could remember shortly after the film but not to critical details, but Did you emotionally still, if they had seen a cheerful or depressing film. Obviously there are more events triggered by certain emotions, even though the responsible rational experience is long forgotten.

Emotion and Cognition

Lawrence Barsalou (Emory University, Atlanta) suggests that behind metaphors more than pure language games, simulations for sensory, physical conditions and current actions are the foundation of human thought ("grounded cognition"). To prove this connection, let Zhong & Leonardelli (University of Toronto) had students recall an experience in which they felt isolated and marginalized. Then they estimated the room temperature about two degrees cooler than a trial participants who had a shared experience brought to mind. They experienced so how cold can feel the loneliness. Metaphors are not just linguistic elements with which to entertain people, but the researchers believe are essential containers in order to understand the world and to learn. People learn early on that a warm body feeling - such as when the mother takes in the arm - ie affection. This connection is so strong that the insular cortex in the cerebrum not only responds to physical warmth, but also to touch and human warmth and is the same active region, if you feel excluded, or rejected.   In another experiment, the subjects initially had painful memories of typing into a computer and were asked Danch whether they would participate in another experiment, the student must complete a supposedly urgent. 74 percent said yes to. However, participants were allowed to clean up after the first test their hands with disinfectant solution is reduced, the helpfulness drastically, then there were only 41 percent ready. Apparently, they felt morally obligated less than the other, their painful feelings "wash" could not. Obviously also depend on the feelings of guilt and defilement related.

Lawrence Williams and John Bargh (Boulder and Yale University) allowed their subjects to an excuse a cup of hot or cold coffee in your hand. A little later they should judge a fictitious person from whom they had received a brief written description. Who had had hot coffee, the fictitious person described as more generous, happy, friendly, sociable and caring. Who had to keep cold coffee tended to a much cooler verdict. Apparently, activated only the feeling of heat caused by the hot coffee in the brain the memory of early childhood warmth that one has received from his parents, that of trust and security. This may explain why we selected temperature-related metaphors to describe social integration or isolation. Williams and Bargh expressed in a study their subjects either a therapeutic heat pack or an ice pack in his hand and then offered them to various rewards. The subjects with warm hands majority wanted a souvenir for a friend, while three-quarters of the reward Eispackhalter wanted to retain.

Emotion and Language - The metaphors

Metaphors and their effect on the psyche

Emotional activity is always associated with physical reactions, and the emotional activity when listening to music, effects on the autonomic nervous system. Besides the importance for the individual in the Musikperzeption probably the automatic Passing by without grooving, clap along, dance along, sing along or even social functions, For example, for a group of bonds between individuals or between individuals of different groups. This probably also evolutionarily positive social aspects of making music will be accompanied by positive effects on the immune system and may represent an important source of evolution, cooperative, collaborative music making in humans.

The human body is probably designed so that urgent action is oriented towards social activities, regenerative effect on a vital system of our organism. Community music making - that is interactive, fine feeling, cooperative activity - represented on such a community oriented toward activity.

The human Brain processed according to recent research Music and language largely with the same cognitive processes and also the same cerebral structures, suggesting that music and language in the brain are closely linked, and that the brain often makes no essential difference between language and music. Research shows that Non-musicians musical syntax processing can accurately and understand musical semantics. The implicit musiksyntaktische knowledge is likely due to a large extent everyday listening experiences acquired, as a matter of course, by the way, without any effort and often without people even realizing. These assumptions are consistent with studies showing that the ability to acquire knowledge about musical regularities and the ability to process musical information fast and accurately in accordance with this knowledge, a general ability of the human brain is.

Offenschtlich is the pronounced Interest of music, a fundamental property of the brain, and that a strong musicality is also a natural ability of the human brain. This general human ability underscores the biological relevance of music. The studies on Emotion show with music, that music is an extensive network of limbic and paralimbic structures - can activate, and that listening to soothing music can lead automatically to premotor activity - that is, the brain structures that are central for the processing of emotion. Emotional emotional activity, premotor activity and physical activity responses also have a meaning for the individual, listening to music, with the decryption of this importance is seen as a likely understanding of music.
Jakobson, Lewycky, Kilgour & Stoesz (2008), in a study also geeigt that musicians develop a better memory not only for music but also for words and pictures. However, this design different shopping strategies by approximately memorize not verbalized. Obviously, the global processing strategy in the imprint is also more effective than the non-musicians.

Emotion and music

Specific neurons in the premotor cortex form in primates a mechanism for recognizing the importance of actions that are performed by others, by Rizzolatti (University of Parma) were strikingly called "mirror neurons" - has in the relevant technical jargon, this brain region called F5 - because they still active when certain movements are performed by other organisms. These nerve cells are so well when you run an action and when observing another person in the same action active. From this activity of "mirror neurons" probably depends on the ability of people off to enable another person to be able to empathize and. As an American study of seven-to twelve-year-olds showed empathy does not come only through education, as seen with children, where other people suffered pain in the brain were those areas reinforced selected, which are also involved in the processing of their own pain.

After today, unfortunately, by popular science articles are popular image mirror neurons therefore used by evolution, inherited knowledge of instruments that give us the gift to cross the mental gap that separates us from the others. However, characterize all higher functions of the nervous system alone under the influence of experience and learning, because when a monkey moved a hand, he most certainly the image of his hand moving eyes. That can only mean that "move your hand," an association between the concept and the image of the moving hand formed and learn. This requires the nerve cells but does not much react with the same activity on the movement of the hand of another monkey, because the monkey requires only the ability, the similarity between his own body and the other monkeys to recognize. We now know that many mental functions are influenced heavily by the context and complex external factors. A man who the witness is resident suffering falls, not mechanically under the influence of his mirror cells in the "compassion" mode, but it depends on subtle assess whether the needs of others will skip, for instance, whether he has his troubles on themselves. This is an intelligence service that can provide a mirror neuron on its own. Indeed, some phenomena that have been attributed to the action of mirror neurons to explain but not through this mechanism
Gallese (Parma University) examined the premotor cortex of primates, which is used for the planning and execution of goal-oriented movements. By chance, he observed that the same neurons fell already in excitement when an investigator took things in hand, with which an object was associated. These objects were motionless on a table, the nerve cells were also quiet. Obviously was not the motor center for object recognition, but it controls the movement and was also anticipated in the situation, aims and intentions of a foreign plot and interpret. Further experiments brought the confirmation: The experimental animals were able to guess the intentions of the researcher. Presumably, these "mirror neurons" in a position to interpret the behavior of others and to understand. Sympathy and empathy, learning through imitation, and all forms of human communication might emanate from such mirror neurons.

Even when people were Rizzolatti, Grafton and Iacoboni specific brain regions that are activated during observation of movements: the upper left-temporal sulcus and above the motor speech center (Broca's area) that corresponds to the premotor cortex in primates. These research results support the hypothesis that human language has developed more of an old, gestural communication system than directly from a vocal communication, as suggested by other researchers. Rizzolatti and Arbib believe that reading from the ability of primates, thoughts and understand strange behavior, the human language ability may have evolved. From the inner dialogue between a watch movement and the response of mirror neurons could have arisen the need to express feelings and actions by characters. Ramachandran (San Diego University) considers the increased sophistication of the system of mirror neurons in humans the most important key for the development of human culture. It is believed that "mirror neurons" are also found in other brain regions and could explain various types of sensory perception.

In autistic children not to research by Mirella Dapretto (University of California at Los Angeles), these mirror neurons in the brain sufficiently activated, which produces the inability to assess the state of the opponent. When they examined the brain activity of children, looking at the facial expressions or imitated, was the brain area containing mirror neurons in autistic children slightly less active than in healthy. The weaker the activation turned out, the greater was the effect on social behavior of autistic children.

Also, the Sound of laughing people causes the brain to the facial muscles automatically prepare laugh again, even if the reason unknown to the merriment. Researchers led by Jane Warren played in front of volunteers according to different emotional expressions, and have observed this brain activity. Positive expressions of emotion such as laughter or cheering trigger in premotor cortex, which is responsible for the planning of movements such as laughter, reactions. Here, too, are mirror neurons that respond automatically in voice signals, as has been shown using a functional magnetic resonance imaging. Also Triumph, fun, fear and loathing triggered activity in the premotor cortex, which designs the moves of the facial muscles, the activities were stronger for positive emotion expressions than with disgust and fear. Positive Emotion sounds are apparently contagious than negative.

It has also been shown in studies that Women much more sensitive to emotions - not just subjectively respond to the level of experience, but also in the field of biological support structures in the cortex. These areas or functional areas are also shown in Depression active, sodas probably why women suffer twice as likely as men to depression, because in the brain "activation difference" exists.
Now, we also found that even the Performance of a motor impairment in another person's own reactions inhibits or slows down its own engines. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute (Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Neurological Research) showed subjects photographs of hands, whose fingers were partially fixed. Now, the subjects were asked to move their own index or middle finger. It was found that the responsiveness with which it was slow moving the fingers.

Mirror neurons

Normally Mirror neurons active when people watch other people in how they are affected. The nerve cells "simulate" this observation neuronal, so that contact can be traced. Synesthetes with a very strong coupling between vision and touch, so people who have a different touch in a human watched their body even feel, are very rare. It is believed that they have one over-reacted to the observation of other jurisdictions in the brain.
Ward & Banissy (2007) have studied in a control group design ten such touch synaesthetes, and watch these subjects, as another person on the face or the hand is touched. At the same time they themselves were touched. Both were affected in the same place, it was the synaesthetes easy to specify the location of the actual contact, which is more or less just as difficult as the control group in which there was no synaesthetes. However, the test subjects saw a touch on the side on which they had not even touched, they were hesitant in their responses and made more errors than the control group. This clearly shows that the observed contact for the synaesthetes felt as real as the actual. The observed contact caused evident from such a strong feeling that the subjects they could not distinguish from the real touch.

Also, the sensitivity of the synaesthetes - measured with a questionnaire - is more pronounced than in the control group. It is believed therefore that touch synaesthetes have a better gut feeling for the sentiments of others, what the over-activity of mirror neurons is attributed.

It is believed, according to recent studies (Mukamelet al., 2010) and that disturbance of the mirror neurons play a role in some mental disorders such as in autism, as the action observation neurons and the action execution neurons that respond precisely to monitor and run to different actions, control counterfeiting reactions serve to eg Imitation unwanted behavior to suppress the first place. May play a crucial role Speiegelneuronen to ensure the distinction between the self of a person from others. Mirror neurons make people who watch to like each other, thus leading ultimately to compliant behavior, which happened not in physical presence, but can be mediated within the media. Therefore promote mirror neurons not only empathy, "transfer" but also anger, panic or aggression. They are probably also involved in that mechanism, which makes the viewing depictions of violence in movies or playing first person shooters to a latent learning process.

However, contrary to previous assumptions, this research by Ilan Dinstein (New York University). Were compared in experiments with healthy subjects with autism, this could even perform hand movements or those watching only for others. Functional magnetic resonance imaging showed that the brain activity of the two groups did not differ, which argues strongly against the hypothesis of a broken mirror neuron system in autism.

Synesthesia and Empathy

 By the way, the mirror neurons and for the sense of beauty to be responsible, as Peter soft men under the title "Is beauty only in the brain of the beholder?Writes reports. He of research results, in which the sense of beauty had been examined in more detail in itself and in "objective" and "subjective" criteria of beauty has been broken. As a demonstration of selected one from images of sculptures from the Classical era and the Renaissance, as viewers Two groups were selected from ProbandeInnen: those with experience in art criticism and those without "The 'objective' perspective was examined by the juxtaposition of images of the sculptures from the Classical era and the Renaissance, the canonical proportions showed.. The same images were distorted by image processing software so that they no longer had the right proportions. This study showed that the "golden section" activated in the original works of certain groups of neurons in the cerebral cortex and in the insular cortex. In particular, the insular cortex is known for her role in the assessment of feelings. This reaction was particularly prominent when the observers were asked to leave the works affect only themselves and not to further analyze. Here in the brain, the strongest reactions were seen on the images in the fMRI images. (...) The 'subjective' perspective was examined by the study participants chose a random selection of images themselves on the beauty of the images and them into two categories of anti-aesthetic and aesthetic sorted. The pictures that were sorted subjectively into the category of aesthetic images showed, in the fMRI recordings, activation of the amygdala-the brain region. This brain structure plays a role in newly emerging sense stimuli, who have emotional value. "
Presumably, the sense of beauty in the subjects with experience in the art of criticism two competing processes control is:
  • Firstly, the common activation of groups of neurons in the insular cortex is a key position in the sense of beauty as a function of "objective" Schönheitskritierien.
  • The second type of sense of beauty however, is based on the activation of another brain area, the amygdala. This of sensation is related to their own emotional experiences and embodies the "subjective" sense of beauty. 
Play at the assessment of beauty that is both objective and subjective factors play an important role, with the subjective factors depend on one's own emotional experiences.