Monday, June 25, 2012

Microsoft continues to focus on Windows Mobile 7

The launch of Windows Phone 8 is not the end of Windows Phone 7 Microsoft wants to get the older version still used, but only at entry devices that are designed especially emerging markets.

More suicides occur than in statistics

Last resort suicide: Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide every year to take the life. Researchers believe that the official figures do not even capture the whole reality.

Die number of people who kill themselves is underestimated according to scientists around the world clearly. For adolescent girls, this is now leading cause of death, suicide among young males stand in third place behind traffic accidents and violent crimes, scientists found out from several countries. The British science journal "The Lancet" published in the current issue several international studies on self-injury and killings.

Germany's oldest golfer is 105

Munster Alfred Koch wants to take golf lessons in the New Year and improve your handicap.

He is the genius of the golf club Munster-Wilkinghege. On Saturday, celebrating Professor Alfred Koch, who is regarded as Germany's oldest active golfer, his 105th Birthday. The day before he strikes again from him in about 50 years ago founded Cathedral Square. There, the club founder speaks only as "Professor" and hands him a silver key. From the garage of the club is a golf cart driven up. Cook stands in it from your golf bag with more than a dozen clubs and can go to his favourite whole number 5.