Monday, April 30, 2012

Green Home: 7 points essential for you to decide

Why should you build a green home? The media and most of the debates and issues of our time directly or indirectly affect the environment. Since the construction or renovation activities are very common, often generating pollution, then maybe we can stop 2 minutes to consider all the positive aspects of a green building, including the economic and financial. With a green home, there are undeniable financial benefits. Indeed, you can save substantial energy. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Robin Gibb awakens from a coma - he defeated the cancer?

 The doctor of the Bee Gees singer confirmed that Gibb was suffering from colorectal cancer in advanced stage of pneumonia.

Good and bad news for fans of Robin Gibb: is The Bee Gees singer awakes from a coma, but suffers from colon cancer at an advanced stage. This was announced by his doctor Andrew Thillainayagam on Sunday. Thillainayagam confirmed that the 62-year-old was weakened by two surgeries and chemotherapy, pneumonia and had fallen into a coma after that. Reports were also on the 14th in the British media April appeared.

Monday, April 16, 2012

According to the Chronicle of forcing his Facebook users now have a mail address on

Facebook wants its users to get a separate e-mail address of the social network. Currently Facebook is globally still busy all the members of the timeline to impose. According to reports, Facebook will begin in the coming weeks to all users of the platform

Even at its announcement caused the timeline, which is in Germany for much criticism Chronicle. Is currently Facebook still doing most of the known world to share whiteboard on the platform to the Chronicle, or timeline. Now it was announced that Facebook will allocate its own Facebook-users e-mail address.