Monday, May 28, 2012

Caesarean section increases risk for obesity

Caesarean sections can the risk of children suffering from obesity later to increase significantly. One study by Harvard Medical School, according occurs in children who are born by caesarean section, obesity is often twice as naturally as born.

A team of researchers from Harvard Medical School studied 1255 children from eight maternity hospitals in the U.S. several times. The researchers concluded that a child born by caesarean section twice as likely to have to suffer from overweight or obesity. The reason for this is, according to scientists probably have a different composition of the intestinal bacteria that the child acquires at birth. The results of the study were published in the online publication "Archives of Disease in Childhood," published.

Kids stickers to add colour to life!

Creativity can improve the thinking of the brain; therefore start off with something simple as getting creative; allow sticky characters to work together with many things around the room. Some exiting ideas would be to create an atmosphere of bird’s creatures or an abstract above your door frames or sticking boards. It’s fun!

Monday, May 14, 2012

88 years Briton solves an old promise

The British Kenton Cool has cashed a 88-year-old promise. He took a gold medal at the summit of Mount Everest. The medal was awarded to an Everest expedition, which never reached the summit.

Mit an Olympic gold medal from 1924, the British Kenton Cool on Friday climbed Mount Everest, and thus redeemed a 88-year-old promise. The medal at the Winter Games in 1924 was a participant awarded a British Mount Everest Expedition, which had failed with the ascent, as it is on Cool's website.

Information about the first Windows-8 from Dell Tablet leaked

"Dell Latitude 10" with Intel Dual Core CPU - Acer traded than other manufacturers
As the IT portal reported now, the U.S. maker Dell is planning the production of tablets with Microsoft's operating system Windows 8 A study published by presentation slide shows the specifications of the device. The 10.1-inch tablet, called Dell Latitude 10 has an Intel Atom Dual Core processor.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Olympic flame has long way to go

27 million people are July waiting for a runner. He will bring a burning torch. This is created in the city of London in the UK, the Olympic flame. In order for the Summer Olympic Games begin in 2012.

London. The Olympics is the biggest sporting event in the world. Athletes from many countries will compete for medals. Until then, it must bring the Olympic flame a long way behind. It is on 10 May in the holy place in Olympia Greece kindled. There, the ancient Greeks worshiped their god Zeus. In his honour, took place about 2700 years before the first Olympic Games. Then, too, was a fire. This was indeed inflamed extra for the games. However, it was a sign for the Olympic Truce. The old Greece was in fact not a unified state. Greece consisted of many so-called city-states. There were fights. So now, but people from all over Greece could come to the Olympic Games, an Olympic truce was declared.