Friday, December 21, 2012

Samsung shows flexible 5.5-inch display at CES

Samsung 5.5 inch display

The South Korean manufacturer Samsung will introduce at CES in January 2013, a flexible display with a diagonal of about 14 centimeters.

The thickness of screens has steadily decreased in recent years; also the first flexible displays have already been spotted in the labs. Such a film would like Samsung, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 show in January.

Friday, November 2, 2012

The soil on Mars is similar to Hawaii

mars soil

Mars rover "Curiosity" has studied the Red Planet soil samples. The result: The Mars soil similar to that of Hawaii.

"Curiosity" examines Martian soil: the soil of Mars is similar to the first research robot "Curiosity" examined samples of the Hawaii. The Mars rovers have with its robotic arm received a mixture of dust and sand, sieved and then analyzed by several measuring instruments, the U.S. space agency NASA said on Tuesday at a press conference.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Holidaying In Malta

Want to experience some sun, sand and surf on your next holiday? Then how about a Malta holiday. Its an archipelago situated in southern Europe and the perfect stop to work on your tan.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sony's Playstation 3 finally hacked apparently

sony ps3

A group of hackers has found a way to break the strongest defensive wall of the security software on the Sony Playstation 3. This would allow the owner of a model with custom firmware unlimited use copied games on the console and re-install unauthorized software such as emulators, or even Linux.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Apple gets back eco-labeling


Just days after Apple had announced to abstain from participating in a major American environmental program, revised the company's decision. The computer manufacturer would have risked losing major customers.

Under pressure from its customers around the U.S. electronics giant Apple back to a U.S. environmental seal. "We have heard from many loyal Apple customers that they were unhappy with the decision that we have taken our products in the EPEAT rating system," wrote hardware chief Bob Mansfield on Friday to open a letter. "I admit that was amistake."

Monday, July 9, 2012

Shop Conveniently for Various Baby Items

nursery furniture

It is a fact that shopping for various baby items is a difficult task that parents have to undertake. But the hassle can turn into convenience and enjoyment, if you know the best way to shop for the different products needed by your baby.

Most wise parents would greatly suggest to search in the Internet for the most reliable site offering different kinds of branded baby products. It is because only in this kind of store where you can shop conveniently because of the following reasons:

Monday, June 25, 2012

Microsoft continues to focus on Windows Mobile 7

The launch of Windows Phone 8 is not the end of Windows Phone 7 Microsoft wants to get the older version still used, but only at entry devices that are designed especially emerging markets.

More suicides occur than in statistics

Last resort suicide: Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide every year to take the life. Researchers believe that the official figures do not even capture the whole reality.

Die number of people who kill themselves is underestimated according to scientists around the world clearly. For adolescent girls, this is now leading cause of death, suicide among young males stand in third place behind traffic accidents and violent crimes, scientists found out from several countries. The British science journal "The Lancet" published in the current issue several international studies on self-injury and killings.

Germany's oldest golfer is 105

Munster Alfred Koch wants to take golf lessons in the New Year and improve your handicap.

He is the genius of the golf club Munster-Wilkinghege. On Saturday, celebrating Professor Alfred Koch, who is regarded as Germany's oldest active golfer, his 105th Birthday. The day before he strikes again from him in about 50 years ago founded Cathedral Square. There, the club founder speaks only as "Professor" and hands him a silver key. From the garage of the club is a golf cart driven up. Cook stands in it from your golf bag with more than a dozen clubs and can go to his favourite whole number 5.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Caesarean section increases risk for obesity

Caesarean sections can the risk of children suffering from obesity later to increase significantly. One study by Harvard Medical School, according occurs in children who are born by caesarean section, obesity is often twice as naturally as born.

A team of researchers from Harvard Medical School studied 1255 children from eight maternity hospitals in the U.S. several times. The researchers concluded that a child born by caesarean section twice as likely to have to suffer from overweight or obesity. The reason for this is, according to scientists probably have a different composition of the intestinal bacteria that the child acquires at birth. The results of the study were published in the online publication "Archives of Disease in Childhood," published.

Kids stickers to add colour to life!

Creativity can improve the thinking of the brain; therefore start off with something simple as getting creative; allow sticky characters to work together with many things around the room. Some exiting ideas would be to create an atmosphere of bird’s creatures or an abstract above your door frames or sticking boards. It’s fun!

Monday, May 14, 2012

88 years Briton solves an old promise

The British Kenton Cool has cashed a 88-year-old promise. He took a gold medal at the summit of Mount Everest. The medal was awarded to an Everest expedition, which never reached the summit.

Mit an Olympic gold medal from 1924, the British Kenton Cool on Friday climbed Mount Everest, and thus redeemed a 88-year-old promise. The medal at the Winter Games in 1924 was a participant awarded a British Mount Everest Expedition, which had failed with the ascent, as it is on Cool's website.

Information about the first Windows-8 from Dell Tablet leaked

"Dell Latitude 10" with Intel Dual Core CPU - Acer traded than other manufacturers
As the IT portal reported now, the U.S. maker Dell is planning the production of tablets with Microsoft's operating system Windows 8 A study published by presentation slide shows the specifications of the device. The 10.1-inch tablet, called Dell Latitude 10 has an Intel Atom Dual Core processor.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Olympic flame has long way to go

27 million people are July waiting for a runner. He will bring a burning torch. This is created in the city of London in the UK, the Olympic flame. In order for the Summer Olympic Games begin in 2012.

London. The Olympics is the biggest sporting event in the world. Athletes from many countries will compete for medals. Until then, it must bring the Olympic flame a long way behind. It is on 10 May in the holy place in Olympia Greece kindled. There, the ancient Greeks worshiped their god Zeus. In his honour, took place about 2700 years before the first Olympic Games. Then, too, was a fire. This was indeed inflamed extra for the games. However, it was a sign for the Olympic Truce. The old Greece was in fact not a unified state. Greece consisted of many so-called city-states. There were fights. So now, but people from all over Greece could come to the Olympic Games, an Olympic truce was declared.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Green Home: 7 points essential for you to decide

Why should you build a green home? The media and most of the debates and issues of our time directly or indirectly affect the environment. Since the construction or renovation activities are very common, often generating pollution, then maybe we can stop 2 minutes to consider all the positive aspects of a green building, including the economic and financial. With a green home, there are undeniable financial benefits. Indeed, you can save substantial energy. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Robin Gibb awakens from a coma - he defeated the cancer?

 The doctor of the Bee Gees singer confirmed that Gibb was suffering from colorectal cancer in advanced stage of pneumonia.

Good and bad news for fans of Robin Gibb: is The Bee Gees singer awakes from a coma, but suffers from colon cancer at an advanced stage. This was announced by his doctor Andrew Thillainayagam on Sunday. Thillainayagam confirmed that the 62-year-old was weakened by two surgeries and chemotherapy, pneumonia and had fallen into a coma after that. Reports were also on the 14th in the British media April appeared.

Monday, April 16, 2012

According to the Chronicle of forcing his Facebook users now have a mail address on

Facebook wants its users to get a separate e-mail address of the social network. Currently Facebook is globally still busy all the members of the timeline to impose. According to reports, Facebook will begin in the coming weeks to all users of the platform

Even at its announcement caused the timeline, which is in Germany for much criticism Chronicle. Is currently Facebook still doing most of the known world to share whiteboard on the platform to the Chronicle, or timeline. Now it was announced that Facebook will allocate its own Facebook-users e-mail address.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Less depression by coffee

Coffee beans are attributed for a long time many health benefits. Coffee stimulates the senses, is inspiring and should also protect against cardiovascular diseases. Scientists at Harvard Medical School have found using a data analysis that coffee seems to be the onset of mental illness, depression inferior. The exact circumstances are still unclear, however.

Monday, March 12, 2012

SEO search engine optimization search engine marketing tips

Who today on the Internet long-term success with its Internet presentation would be dependent on a good visibility on the Internet. Play the major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN a crucial role. Only someone who has good visibility in the major search engines can be successful in the long term with its home page. The following points make a search engine optimization for long-term success indispensable:

•    About. 90% of all Internet users are using search engines to the desired offer!
•    About. 90% of all Internet users consider only the first 10 search results!
•    Of these, approximately 70% have a firm intention to buy!

In order to achieve the desired visibility in the major search engines, there are different possibilities. Its focus was the search engine optimization:

The search engine optimization is concerned with the improvement of positions in search results of a search engine that reaches a certain site with a specific keyword or keyword combination.

To perform a successful search engine optimization can do a lot of experience and knowledge of the current search engine algorithms are required. On the following pages we present you, dear reader, all the basic information about the search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Main attention is paid to the following points:

•    On-page optimization
•    Off page optimization
•    Keyword Research
•    Long Tail
•    Viral Marketing
•    Online Marketing
•    SEO Tools

Google panda update in February

Google runs on a regular basis so-called panda updates. At the end of February, another update now that the Google team has officially confirmed until today.

In total there were 40 changes that we have picked out the top three.

There are 3 main changes made by Google, the latest update:

- Panda update. The Panda 3.3 Update 26 February, some data in the Google Panda modified system. It runs according to statements from Google now more accurate and especially sensitive to new content in the Web. This means that new content and pages have grown even faster in the search engine results.

- Link analysis. Google analyzes now link text (anchor text) and type of linkage in more detail in order to get better about what topics treated that site. Changes in this regard will be held regularly.

- Improving Local rankings. The search results local search results are still treated better. On page 1, there are now increasingly Google Places pages and relevant websites of local suppliers.

What does this mean for site owners?

- Fresh Content. Current content and regular updates are a must. Since current page content should now have grown even more as it is, above all, shop for vendors set up a blog on which you can be informed about the latest products.

- Link diversity and meaningful link text. Vary the Link Text / Anchor Link! Do not use the same link text, and only pay attention to the linking of the inner pages link to informative texts. Use the keyword is not alone but meaningful link text containing the keywords. A site with their current swimwear offers, you should as with the link text "Current Swimwear Offers" link instead of just "swimwear".

- Local listings in Google Places. Get a Google page to Places in the local search results to be on top of it. The advantages of a good Google ranking Places are huge and should not be used in any web page on you.

Punishments of websites with bad SEO background

As with any Panda update individual websites with bad content and link building will be punished. Our clients websites have only positive effects of all updated in Panda - Quality pays for itself even more from now - to the delight of our clients.

If your website penalized by Google and is now only in the back Google results?
Talk to us, we can help you back into the top rankings.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Waterproofing and damp roof

One of the biggest problems of a house and a commercial building is when the cracks in walls and floors, since the start pressure and weather conditions develop. Because of the humidity and constant moisture, and the foundation was the construction of the building will be affected. Seal is a good solution.

Another option for backing up your home or building foundation is moisture barriers. There is a difference between waterproofing and sealing.

• Sealing can be expensive, but the effects last for a longer period and environmentally friendly. It is usually rubber-based or polymer, silicone or similar materials. Could prevent absorption of water seals.

Seals could also prevent ground water into the interior of the building. It could be by a rubber membrane on the surface of the wall, waterproofing coatings and sealants. Apart from that, there are also systems that could pump water out of the building.

• Damp proofing using tar-based mixture. This would prevent the surface of water and moisture. However, it is not to stop the penetration of water, but it may slow down in any case the process. There are some products that are water based moisture barriers making it Earth Friendly.

Vapour barriers may be an inexpensive alternative, but it could cause more problems in the future. The effects are short term. Within two years the effect of moisture barriers could be cracks and wear could occur again. The walls and floors were brittle and would peel off easily.

A damp proofing specialist would normally inspection of the building or house. The specialist would recommend, or provide instructions would happen moisture barriers. There are also waterproofing products that could be applied by the homeowner himself. Usually require, damp proofing basements and cellars you would to get professional help. Above-ground moisture barriers could be carried out by the owners.

Currently, moisture barriers in the process of construction are taken into account. But for buildings that have already been built, moisture barriers could still be integrated into the structure. A damp proof specialist or a company needs to identify and assess what would be effective for the property.

When choosing between damp proofing and waterproofing, it is important to consider the kind of weather or environment where you are located. If you live in an area where heavy crash occurs frequently, then you can seal a better choice because it could protect the building from moisture.

You could even simple steps to make sure that your house is completely dry. It could be to ensure that the drains and gutters are free of clogs, periodic review and the roof tiles roof systems. Homes should also be adequately ventilated. Condensation that could happen can also cause moisture.

Could cost both damp proofing and waterproofing it, but the money is seriously worth it. Beware of "quick and easy solutions," as it may sacrifice the quality of the seal you need. Call the experts and let them do the tasks for you. Damp proofing and waterproofing solutions are. Decide what would work for you and for your real estate investment.

Red wine to protect against heart attacks

Red wine is the latest evidence indicates that protect against heart attacks. It could, however, only the moderate consumption of red wine to the information of the German Heart Foundation in Frankfurt, according to offer protection against calcification of blood vessels.

If you treat yourself now and then a glass of red wine, his health does it seem too good. This was acknowledged at least the German Heart Foundation in Frankfurt has come. However, the amount of alcohol plays a central role. Consumed in moderation, red wine may counteract calcification of the arteries, thus protecting the blood vessels, said Thomas Meinertz, cardiologist and chairman of the German Heart Foundation. The antioxidants contained in wine lead to a slower reduction of nitric oxide in the blood. This, in turn, the amount of sediment sink, which have a narrowing of the vessels to follow, thus leading to a heart attack can result from Meinertz, according to DPA news.

Alcohol in red wine also has positive effects on lipid levels in the blood. So care for a reduced number of "bad cholesterol", which favors the calcification of the arteries. According to cardiologist Meinertz the alcohol was also a highly diluting effect on the blood. In that the inner walls of the vessels dilated by increased blood flow and elastic be, could increase the risk of infarction can be further reduced. Importantly, however, is the right amount. Meinertz claims to be for men 20 grams of alcohol per day classified as beneficial, or about two glasses of red wine. Women should be content with a glass.

Basis for Meinertz assumptions are studies that have compared the risk of heart attack by residents of North and South of France together. Here they had found large differences between these two regions. So the researchers had found, according to Meinertz, which were affected much less people in the south of infarcts. They attributed this to the different distribution of alcoholic beverages. While preferred in northern Brittany and Normandy spirits are consumed, people prefer the Mediterranean coast, Provence or more red wine.
Basically, the consumption of red wine was not decisive in order to stay healthy. Especially pregnant women, diabetics or people with kidney disease Meinertz advise strongly on the alcohol consumption.

Friday, February 24, 2012

How to prevent moisture in the house

Although the causes of moisture in a home are many and often complex to understand, it is possible to prevent the appearance of moisture, according to certain principles. Here are some tips that can prevent the onset of moisture in the house.

Humidity home: check the surrounding vegetation

Vegetation adjacent to a home can be a factor in aggravating or a phenomenon of moisture. In case of inclement weather, the walls difficult because of dry vegetation that blocks the sunlight. Moreover, if the vegetation is too close to home, it can degrade the coating, gaskets, roof or channels that clog the leaves. It is therefore important to plant trees well away from the house to avoid such disappointment.

Humidity house ensure the renewal of the air

The tasks of moisture and mold can grow in poor air circulation in a house. It is thus essential to check the proper functioning of the CMV (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation) to promote the renewal of the air and dissipate condensation, a phenomenon responsible for many moisture problems.

Humidity home: check the tightness of the roof

Moisture can come from water seepage in the roof. Thus, checking the tightness of the roof of the house each year, it is possible to prevent moisture problems. Among the things to check: the presence of broken tiles or foam on the cover, a defective chimney or cornice cracked, etc..

Humidity home: avoid capillary

To ensure a sealed envelope and healthy living, it should of course reject the water out of the influence of the superstructure (overflow and sealing the roof, seal the walls and windows). But we must also avoid rising damp . To do this, you should check that the lands, the circumference of the house, have a slight slope away from the runoff or sidewalk that prevents infiltration of water at a sufficient distance from walls. It should also check the status of devices connecting downspouts to the sewer. If necessary, if part of the house is located below the ground outside, check the tightness of the external walls and the smooth functioning of the drains.

Useful Link : Basement Waterproofing

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Choosing the right metal for your engagement ring

For decades, the diamond solitaire engagement ring with a yellow gold setting was pretty standard for jewelry industry. And silver, a less-valued metal, was usually reserved for gifts and less sacred occasions. Then white gold and platinum came along, and with palladium recently added to the mixture, was married today far more options. But how do you know which metal is right for the ring design you chose?

Lifestyle, preferences and the overall style of the ring must all be considered when deciding which metal will work best for your ring. Here are some information about the different types of metals available, and pros and cons of each.


Silver jewelry, including engagement rings, is usually manufactured in one of two ways: sterling or silver ribbon. Because it is much too soft in its pure form, fine silver (99.9 percent or more) is usually only sold on the commodities market.

Sterling silver is 92.5 percent pure silver mixed with 7.5 percent other metals, usually copper. Other metals used in place of copper include germanium, zinc, platinum and additives such as silicon and boron. Silver plated jewelry is usually associated with other metals such as copper or nickel.


Sterling silver is usually the least expensive of the precious metals, and compliments the brilliance of any ring setting.


This soft textured metal, even when combined with other metals, means it is likely to show wear over time. In addition, silver-plated jewelry is often combined with nickel, a metal linked to skin allergies in people sensitive skin. And silver plating can wear off other time exposing the metal underneath.


For years, yellow gold was the most sought-after metal for engagement rings and wedding bands. The most malleable of all metals, gold is often combined with copper or silver to make it less resistant to scratching and denting.

While 24k gold is pure gold, most engagement ring settings are sold in 18k, 14k or 10k, less than a carat, the higher the percentage of other metals. White gold is an alloy of gold and other metal white as silver, palladium or nickel, and usually has an outer layer of rhodium to give the piece a nice luster. Gold plating, a thin layer of gold on silver jewelry, is the least costly alternative in the family gold.


Gold provides a warm background for a more traditional solitaire setting and it accentuates the beauty of most diamond stone settings. It's traditional and more affordable than the higher-end metals, and works well with darker gem stones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires.


The soft texture of gold makes it susceptible to scratches and dents. White gold typically contains nickel and creates a dilemma for 12.5 percent of the population is allergic to nickel. In addition, the rhodium coating may need to be replaced for the duration of the ring. And while gold plating is a less expensive option, it is rarely used because the plating usually tarnishes in a short period.


A newcomer to the jewelry industry, palladium is a metal that offers the buyer the best of both worlds. As a member of the platinum family, brilliance and durability of palladium eclipse other white metals. lower price, this metal is a perfect match for the budget-conscious.


Palladium is the metal best bargain white. It is natural hypoallergenic makes an attractive alternative for brides who may have spent on white gold in the past because of an allergy nickel. In addition, palladium is cheaper than platinum and can be combined with gold to a hypoallergenic white gold ring setting engagement.


Because palladium is the hot new trend in jewelry industry, its popularity continues to grow and there have been few, if any criticism of it. Unless, of course it is not platinum, the Grand-Daddy of all metals.


The chassis of the crown for Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, and she worn during the coronation George VI in 1937, was platinum. Hundreds of years ago, the Louis XV of France declared platinum to be the only metal fit for a king. What is there to say?


Platinum is a very strong, durable metal that is highly resistant to wear and tarnish. As a white metal, its integrity is unmatched, and when combined with the brilliance of a diamond, creates an exquisite display as an engagement ring. Platinum prongs are often used to hold diamonds in a platinum prongs but can be used on other metal shanks.

Cons Platinum is the most expensive precious metals.

Decide which metal works best for your engagement ring is a big decision. Choose wisely your precious metal because it is a piece of jewelry you want to show a life.

Useful Link: Wedding Ring

Monday, January 9, 2012

How to Buy a Cheap Laptop

Before buying a cheap laptop you should become familiar with computer jargon to understand, compare and choose the laptop for you. For example, you should have a good understanding of the functions of a hard drive which is the support to the so-called read-only memory (slow) where programs and data are installed. When the RAM is also called RAM used to store the current process that must be accessed quickly. Understanding the difference between a DVD player, CD player and Blue Ray is also a principle that the buyer must take to determine if a computer with such features meets the needs of the buyer.

In addition, your technical knowledge of computers can be very helpful in finding your next laptop cheap. Typically, resellers tend to abuse their customers by providing less costly items at prices higher. Therefore, it is recommended that adequate research before buying a laptop. If you are not very confident in your ability to cut sheets of computers so it is best to consult a professional who has sufficient knowledge in this area.

The other important aspect to consider before buying a cheap laptop is to determine your needs. You need to think about why you actually need a laptop. Do you want to just do a check of your email messages and facebook? Do you need to do more complicated work activities? Are you a range that requires a machine with strong graphics resources? Having considered all these parameters, it will not only help you find the laptop that meets your needs but will also help you get it at a much cheaper price.

Useful Links: Acer Laptop Charger

Monday, January 2, 2012

Dogs recognize intentions for understanding the hint

The researchers tested eleven dogs in two situations. One day the woman was talking on the screen at the dog with a high voice, how many people use them automatically against pets and babies. In addition, the woman looked at the dog. In the control situation however, the woman said the same dog without eye contact with a deep voice. Always followed this scene, the pointing phase. It advised the woman her eye on one of the identical-looking mug that stood on either side of her.

Meanwhile, the researchers analyzed the eye movements of dogs and recognized so that the animals received at the initial contact of the woman and followed her gaze to the cup. Further experiments should be ruled out that other factors influenced the look of the dog. In fact, the animals followed the gaze of the woman more often if they had previously raised the dogs with a high voice and eye contact. This behavior had the dogs so let it be known that the man wanted in the next moment to communicate with them, is the interpretation of the scientists. The dogs had detected the intention of the woman.

That earlier studies had shown that dogs can communicate amazingly well with people - as opposed to wolves that do this are usually much more obtuse. Indicated about a man with his finger on one of two doses, most dogs understand that it is worthwhile to look only at the container displayed, according to a biscuit. Even a few weeks old puppy to understand that without prior training as a team at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology by Julia Riedel has shown. Wolves fail in this task.

The ability to understand cues has probably developed during the domestication, the researchers suspect. Perhaps the person has continued to breed dogs, especially, with whom he could communicate very well. Other studies even suggest that dogs know when objects that lie in sight of the dog, are invisible to humans. This requires a fairly high level of so-called theory of mind, so the ability to put oneself into the mind of another.