Monday, March 21, 2011

About Courier services

Couriers UK is the expert in courier, same day and emergency logistics. The company offers customized logistics solutions for "impossible" and complex logistical tasks.

Whether spare parts, urgent documents, samples or prototypes: time: matters every shipment transported reliably and the fastest way to your destination.

And that same day (same day). This means your shipment will be picked up and delivered the same day - within hours, direct. UK and Europe. And the world in no time. By rail, air and road.

Then you can rely on:
  • highest reliability for time-critical and extremely important items.
  • individual care of each shipment from pick-up service
  • Availability around the clock, 365 days a year

However, time: matters, providing even more: we work with you to transport concepts; in the critical situations can be immediately resorted to. This means: unforeseeable emergencies are no longer cases, but predictable exceptional situations, on the phone with the time: matters transport concept respond at any time.

Furthermore, Courier Services providers can offer their own services portfolio to time: matters complement - by the reference in each case until the complete outsourcing of emergency and special logistics in time: matters

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