Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Microsoft distributed a new patch for Windows Mobile 7

After the majority of smart phones Windows Mobile 7 has received in recent weeks, the so-called Nodo update now is a first patch that the security of the mobile Operating Systems should improve from Microsoft.
The owners of a smart phone with Windows Mobile 7 will receive an update notification "Over the Air". To install the patches must be on the Zune software on a PC be used. Then, with the operating system version number 7.0.7392.0. This is a critical update that fixes a problem related to unsafe SSL certificates.

All browser manufacturers have released an update to ensure that nine of the service provider Comodo SSL certificates are blocked because they have fallen into the hands of criminals. The System the Company has been compromised, allowing a hacker nine certificate of existing sites. These must be placed in the browsers on a blacklist.

In the worst case, the criminals could use the SSL certificates to create fake websites that foist malicious software to visitors. Since the browser detects a valid certificate, not a word of warning is issued. Manipulate the attacker DNS records could be diverted even very many users at the damaged site. Most browser vendors have already released appropriate patches.

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