Monday, July 4, 2011

History of Swimming


Swimming means the exercise of Swimming as sports Discipline. In its basic form, as is the swimming competition of several participants against each other carry the address of a given swim course in the shortest possible time, or even without any time pressure to improve their swimming style.

Swimming has been one of the first Olympics Modern Times (1896 Athens) On the Olympic program. In the second Olympics 1900 in Paris were one Swimming obstacleOrganized an underwater endurance swim and a 4,000-meter swim. Except for the latter (Long-distance swimming), These forms of competition were not carried out more later. In the Olympics 1912 the first time women were allowed to swim in competition. Found since 1973, official World Swimming Championships instead. Commonly, swimming competitions according to the rules of the International Swimming Federation Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) will be performed.

Technical exercises in the swimming pool lead to an optimization of the layers, which presents itself in an improved body control in the water. At the same time prevents you from injuries in sports.Through various exercises you can learn its position in the water, his arm or leg movements, and general coordination of the body, the body voltage and proper breathing (especially in competitive sports). The important thing is the observance of rest between each exercise and its repetitions. The length of the breaks are determined by the frequency and type of exercise you do. Each exercise has its own difficulty in strength, coordination and flexibility. The more demanding the exercise, the more skills need to be accessed simultaneously. Hence an individual / customized design is important to pause.

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