Monday, October 17, 2011

Cleaning Business: Why clean the windows?

Whether it's cleaning business, office cleaning, or cleaning of industrial premises:

The windows are opening to the outside: it's about corporate image potential customers;

The windows are back light: maintenance can benefit from the maximum brightness possible in the premises (the light is always beneficial to the morale and motivation of employees).

Window Cleaning for both windows open space, the windows of clothing stores and hair salons.
How and when to clean the windows?

If, as a rule, window cleaning is done at least once a week, the frequency of window cleaning depends on several factors:

•    The use of premises: shops will need to have a clean window at all hours of the day, a daily or weekly     maintenance is almost indispensable in the case of bi-monthly office cleaning is often sufficient;
•    the situation (pedestrian, main road, the sea ..)
•    the vagaries of everyday life and damage;
•    after work, Lords of final cleaning project .

To clean the glass, you must:
•    the cleaning product for windows,
•    of cleaning equipment suitable: scrapers, microfiber cloths for drying.

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