Thursday, November 24, 2011

Google tilts seven projects

Google CEO Larry Page streamlined its Internet Group: The search engine giant is now officially on seven projects. The best known is "Wave", the teams collaborating on multiple locations and devices should facilitate.

Other ideas that did not arrive and no longer fit the core business: Gears (offline apps) system, Search Timeline (search history), Friend Connect (Friend Finder), Bookmark (Online bookmarks), and Knol (online encyclopedia).

The seventh failed project that has nothing to do with the only software, Google's foray into the world of renewable energies. 2009, the former Google manager Bill Weihl announced to offer within a few years, technologies that enable the production of renewable energy could be done cheaper. Now it was announced that Weihl has already left the company this month.

"To sum up, we are going to close down a number of projects that did not have the effect we had hoped," the company wrote in its official blog .

Google called the reduction "spring cleaning" since it began in April with the exchange of Page to top management. It is the third time since then that Google projects pulped.

New technologies from Apple and Facebook put pressure on the IT giants - because one must remain flexible. Many investors have given the rising costs of Google already turned up his nose.

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