Friday, November 2, 2012

The soil on Mars is similar to Hawaii

mars soil

Mars rover "Curiosity" has studied the Red Planet soil samples. The result: The Mars soil similar to that of Hawaii.

"Curiosity" examines Martian soil: the soil of Mars is similar to the first research robot "Curiosity" examined samples of the Hawaii. The Mars rovers have with its robotic arm received a mixture of dust and sand, sieved and then analyzed by several measuring instruments, the U.S. space agency NASA said on Tuesday at a press conference.

"Curiosity": once found traces of running water

The results showed that the composition was the weathered, basaltic soil on the islands of Hawaii are very similar. "Our team is very encouraged by these initial results," said NASA scientist David Blake.

"Curiosity" Mars soil similar to Hawaiian soil

Unlike the stones where "Curiosity" had recently found traces of once running water, the newly studied material could likely provide information on recent developments on Mars.

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