Friday, December 21, 2012

Samsung shows flexible 5.5-inch display at CES

Samsung 5.5 inch display

The South Korean manufacturer Samsung will introduce at CES in January 2013, a flexible display with a diagonal of about 14 centimeters.

The thickness of screens has steadily decreased in recent years; also the first flexible displays have already been spotted in the labs. Such a film would like Samsung, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 show in January.

The flexible display could soon come in new smartphones and TV appliances. The planned prototype for the fair is due to its size of 5.5 inches (almost 14 centimeters) but rather for mobile. The resolution is quite remarkable: 1,280 x 720 pixel display should be able to represent the film.

In addition, Samsung will introduce a television with 55-inch screen. Whether this also already flexible film can be used is unlikely. The films shown smartphone display is quite flexible, rolling up would not be possible. In addition, you would have provided the screen even with a touch panel and a cover.

Flexible screens: Flexible displays, paper thin

Even the competitors LG and Nokia are working on flexible screens. Be available when the first devices with the new displays in the trade are, cannot yet be estimated.

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