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Do you have often back pain?

Four out of five people have in their lifetime back pain. Guilt is rarely the wear of the discs. Often, complaints go to the spine back to the psyche.


We are a nation of back pain sufferers. At least every second it makes one trip a year to cross one person in ten has pain every day with his back, say the statistics. Managers, actors, teachers, doctors and engineers according to a study of the Orthopaedic University Clinic in Heidelberg fewer back problems. People who work hard physically, such as construction workers or plumbers, more frequently, namely two of three. There is a distinction between specific and nonspecific back pain. In the former underlying physical causes such as heavy wear on the spine, inflammation, nerve compression, bone diseases such as osteoporosis, deformities or injuries.

More frequently, however, the unspecific back pain for which no clear cause can be identified. Pain in the back are a major cause of disability and premature retirement. In 95 percent of the cases the pain disappears but not later than four weeks of itself - even without therapy. It would thus be not equal to the doctor when it pinches at the back and zwackt, soothes pain expert Gerhard Müller-sulfurization of Göppingen. If it is however an electrifying, impulse-like pain is that radiates into the leg and tingling, paralysis and muscle weakness leading to the legs, we recommend a visit to the doctor. This indicate that it is that the nerve root by a Herniated Disc may be under pressure. This also applies in case of fever and weight loss, because then the occurrence of pain is possibly based on an inflammation or a tumor.

Often, back problems back external factors 


To come to the pain on the track, it first needs no imaging techniques such as X-ray or MRI. A detailed survey of patients and a neurological examination is usually sufficient, says the pain medicine. All too often, for bad gefahndet structures in the spine, for the pain but do not be the cause: "spine changes with age has in fact almost everyone."

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What is our spine, which has to bear the head and trunk, on the one hand static and the other must be very flexible and accommodates our nervous system, which is mainly for? It is not only hard work, the orthopedic surgeon and pain specialist Marcus Schiltenwolf from Heidelberg. For much of the back problems today are due mainly physical inactivity, obesity, and psychological and social problems.

Above all, the mental condition has a decisive influence on whether and when back pain occurs, and whether they are chronic. Thus, the orthopedist, Heidelberg is in studies that the onset of back pain is often associated with postpartum depression. Also proved to depression, anxiety and feelings of helplessness as risk factors for chronic course. Often the victims are also professionally under heavy pressure and have a high claims.

And psychological problems may be causes 


Back pain can be physical expression of psychological conflict. In a study of 150 patients have been treated for chronic back pain at the Orthopaedic University Clinic in Heidelberg, this was at two-thirds of the patients in the case. More than half of them also had a depression and a third of anxiety disorders. Back pain increasingly make children and young people. "The children to school press unergonomic chairs, then sit in your home with hunched shoulders at the computer and the evening watching television, criticized Wolfgang Bartel from Halberstadt, president of the All-German Society for Manual Medicine.

In recent years the view has prevailed among back pain experts believe that in most cases - less wear to the spine through work and aging, which leads to pain - namely, 60 to 70 percent. Rather, the muscles a major role is attributed to the occurrence of pain. "If they are not sufficiently trained through exercise, doing nothing really and they can not meet more of their support function," says Müller-sulfurization. The spine would destabilized by bad posture and pain are the result. Also result from unilateral pressures on the muscles as long as computer work with raised shoulders imbalances and tensions.

It is useful to dampen the Übersensiblität of nerve  


According to recent findings of researchers, the muscles that is sending out subliminal pain signals that normally trigger, no pain. You are reporting the pain stimulus to the brain only if they constantly repeat the signals, such as frequent movements or postures. It is enough that is already of such weak signals, which, when amplified in the spinal cord, causing an increased sensitivity to pain in the muscles and eventually persistent pain.

Inflammation are not always the cause, says Müller-sulfurization. It follows that anti-inflammatory drugs, as they would usually prescribed first, often not helpful. Drugs are useful to attenuate the hypersensitivity of the nerves or relaxing effect.

Lie down and save a lot of problems 


What to do about back pain? Maybe even help a relaxing bath, advise the experts. A painkiller such as paracetamol have also each in his medicine cabinet. By no means should be spared to lie down and warns Schiltenwolf. Physically active and active, but is the watchword. Recommendations for a particular sport, he is not: "You should do that which you yourself are convinced that it helps, it does so well." Targeted muscle training by physiotherapists in drug treatment of pain is another important measure to the relaxed back muscles to stabilize.

Even against strength training in a medical gym in the opinion speaks of pain experts Göppinger nothing if it was not too strenuous. Anything that promotes muscle coordination and relaxation is helpful if this is equal Yoga, auto genous training and acupuncture. By an isometric training with specific arrival and relax the muscles can improve the patient's muscle coordination itself. Endurance sports such as running or cycling added to the program. Treasure from the plant helps the devil's claw - at least for mild to severe back pain.

As much exercise helps prevent problems 


If they are already chronically, a multifaceted treatment approach is needed which should include in addition to analgesic therapy and exercise, especially with a psychological support. Patients should be strengthened in the true sense of the word back, the experts recommend that applies equally to the spiritual, physical and social constitution.

Who does not want to leave only to come back pain should move in everyday life and in leisure time as much as possible and avoid obesity. "What is done is care," says orthopedic surgeon Marcus Schiltenwolf from Heidelberg, "must make it fun."

"I have the disc," say many patients who come with severe back pain to their physician. In fact, the famous lumbago is often caused due to an abrupt movement or rotation. But come only rarely were a herniated disk or bulging of the jelly-like buffer between the vertebral bodies, said Schiltenwolf. Often the pains are a result of improper loading of the vertebral joints and back muscles. The disc herniation lead rather found in leg pain down to foot. This would be an inflammation of the spine caused from exiting nerve roots - you get to experience the famous sciatic nerve.

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