Friday, April 29, 2011

"Terminator 5" will come... “Arnie” will be back

No role has shaped the image of Arnold Schwarzenegger as much as the Terminator. In 1984 he helped the first part of the final breakthrough in Hollywood. The sequel eight years later was one of the most successful films of its time. Here is the legendary saying "I'll be back" before.

And indeed, the 64-year-old has kept its word. His excursion into politics as a Republican governor of California (2003 to 2011) is over, now he is drawn back before the camera. Two roles, the former Mr. Universe already sure, if we may believe the rumors. In "The Last Stand" Arnie plays a security expert who must be incarcerated in his own jail. In "The Tomb" he appears as Sheriff. 

But the fox prefers know, again and again in the henhouse: In Arnie's case, happens to be the role of the Terminator, which he wants to take a fourth time. In part four ("Terminator: Salvation"), he refused even from a brief appearance.

Now the project should be addressed, despite all the gloomy predictions for Arnie's slightly younger. This is in Hollywood, but no real criterion for a man, especially as the Terminator in the movies, a time traveler and you can turn at this point in the story certainly something. Moreover, with Sylvester Stallone (born 1946) is still another action-Opa active.

Why Arnie is currently the major Hollywood studios door to door. Robert Cort, he has already opened a producer, Justin Lin ("Fast and the Furious Five") will direct. There is only a screenplay with corresponding author yet. But the story is really secondary.

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