Friday, February 24, 2012

How to prevent moisture in the house

Although the causes of moisture in a home are many and often complex to understand, it is possible to prevent the appearance of moisture, according to certain principles. Here are some tips that can prevent the onset of moisture in the house.

Humidity home: check the surrounding vegetation

Vegetation adjacent to a home can be a factor in aggravating or a phenomenon of moisture. In case of inclement weather, the walls difficult because of dry vegetation that blocks the sunlight. Moreover, if the vegetation is too close to home, it can degrade the coating, gaskets, roof or channels that clog the leaves. It is therefore important to plant trees well away from the house to avoid such disappointment.

Humidity house ensure the renewal of the air

The tasks of moisture and mold can grow in poor air circulation in a house. It is thus essential to check the proper functioning of the CMV (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation) to promote the renewal of the air and dissipate condensation, a phenomenon responsible for many moisture problems.

Humidity home: check the tightness of the roof

Moisture can come from water seepage in the roof. Thus, checking the tightness of the roof of the house each year, it is possible to prevent moisture problems. Among the things to check: the presence of broken tiles or foam on the cover, a defective chimney or cornice cracked, etc..

Humidity home: avoid capillary

To ensure a sealed envelope and healthy living, it should of course reject the water out of the influence of the superstructure (overflow and sealing the roof, seal the walls and windows). But we must also avoid rising damp . To do this, you should check that the lands, the circumference of the house, have a slight slope away from the runoff or sidewalk that prevents infiltration of water at a sufficient distance from walls. It should also check the status of devices connecting downspouts to the sewer. If necessary, if part of the house is located below the ground outside, check the tightness of the external walls and the smooth functioning of the drains.

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