Monday, March 5, 2012

Red wine to protect against heart attacks

Red wine is the latest evidence indicates that protect against heart attacks. It could, however, only the moderate consumption of red wine to the information of the German Heart Foundation in Frankfurt, according to offer protection against calcification of blood vessels.

If you treat yourself now and then a glass of red wine, his health does it seem too good. This was acknowledged at least the German Heart Foundation in Frankfurt has come. However, the amount of alcohol plays a central role. Consumed in moderation, red wine may counteract calcification of the arteries, thus protecting the blood vessels, said Thomas Meinertz, cardiologist and chairman of the German Heart Foundation. The antioxidants contained in wine lead to a slower reduction of nitric oxide in the blood. This, in turn, the amount of sediment sink, which have a narrowing of the vessels to follow, thus leading to a heart attack can result from Meinertz, according to DPA news.

Alcohol in red wine also has positive effects on lipid levels in the blood. So care for a reduced number of "bad cholesterol", which favors the calcification of the arteries. According to cardiologist Meinertz the alcohol was also a highly diluting effect on the blood. In that the inner walls of the vessels dilated by increased blood flow and elastic be, could increase the risk of infarction can be further reduced. Importantly, however, is the right amount. Meinertz claims to be for men 20 grams of alcohol per day classified as beneficial, or about two glasses of red wine. Women should be content with a glass.

Basis for Meinertz assumptions are studies that have compared the risk of heart attack by residents of North and South of France together. Here they had found large differences between these two regions. So the researchers had found, according to Meinertz, which were affected much less people in the south of infarcts. They attributed this to the different distribution of alcoholic beverages. While preferred in northern Brittany and Normandy spirits are consumed, people prefer the Mediterranean coast, Provence or more red wine.
Basically, the consumption of red wine was not decisive in order to stay healthy. Especially pregnant women, diabetics or people with kidney disease Meinertz advise strongly on the alcohol consumption.

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