Monday, May 14, 2012

88 years Briton solves an old promise

The British Kenton Cool has cashed a 88-year-old promise. He took a gold medal at the summit of Mount Everest. The medal was awarded to an Everest expedition, which never reached the summit.

Mit an Olympic gold medal from 1924, the British Kenton Cool on Friday climbed Mount Everest, and thus redeemed a 88-year-old promise. The medal at the Winter Games in 1924 was a participant awarded a British Mount Everest Expedition, which had failed with the ascent, as it is on Cool's website.

The expedition had tried in 1922 to climb the highest mountain in the world, but had to turn back 500 meters before the summit. Two years later, the 13 participants received for their achievements in climbing a total of 21 gold medals at the Olympic Winter Games. One of the climbers, the officer Edward Strutt, had promised at the presentation that one of the gold medals will one day reach the 8848 meter summit.

This promise, the 38-year-old Kenton Cool redeem on Friday. The medal, which made it to the summit, Cool claims to get the grandson of George Mallory, who had also participated in the expedition.

More than 30 years after the failed mission of the Mount Everest was first climbed by humans eventually. The New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay of Nepal's mountain guide reached on 29 The May 1953 summit. Since then, nearly 4,000 people so far managed to the highest mountain in the world. More than 200 people did not survive the climb. Only last week five people were killed while attempting to climb the summit, including two Germa

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