Monday, May 7, 2012

Olympic flame has long way to go

27 million people are July waiting for a runner. He will bring a burning torch. This is created in the city of London in the UK, the Olympic flame. In order for the Summer Olympic Games begin in 2012.

London. The Olympics is the biggest sporting event in the world. Athletes from many countries will compete for medals. Until then, it must bring the Olympic flame a long way behind. It is on 10 May in the holy place in Olympia Greece kindled. There, the ancient Greeks worshiped their god Zeus. In his honour, took place about 2700 years before the first Olympic Games. Then, too, was a fire. This was indeed inflamed extra for the games. However, it was a sign for the Olympic Truce. The old Greece was in fact not a unified state. Greece consisted of many so-called city-states. There were fights. So now, but people from all over Greece could come to the Olympic Games, an Olympic truce was declared.

For this peace during the Games, the fire is still standing. It is also still lit in Olympia. As the time of the ancient Greeks to the sun's rays are used. At this fire then the first torch is lit. There was a time in Olympic torch relay there, however. This was only introduced in 1936. At that time the fire of torchbearers for the Olympic Games in Berlin accommodated.
This year, the flame is initially in seven days in the Greek capital Athens. Travel From there they will fly on 18 May after Great Britain. For the flight, they will put in a special lantern. In Great Britain Once the flame is then worn for 70 days through the whole kingdom. These include the countries England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. A total of 8,000 people will be holding a torch in his hand. With which they can then go about 300 meters to go, ride or drive. Thus, the torch will travel nearly 13,000 kilometres.

She is on many tourist attractions such as ancient castles, churches and come even zoos. In Wales the flame will even mountaineering. With a train it is on the top of the mountain Snow will be accommodated. This is the highest mountain in the country. Overall, the flame in more than 1,000 cities, towns and villages will be on display. At the end of the torch relay is then set on fire in the Olympic Stadium, the Olympic flame. Burning during the Games in a large bowl. It was not until the last day it will be deleted.

The Torch

In July, in London in Great Britain lit the Olympic flame with a torch. The torch must fulfill certain points:

1. An Olympic torch must be safe and durable. Already since the year 2010 will be conducted with the British torch tests. She had temperatures between minus 5 degrees Celsius and can withstand 40 degrees Celsius. Also on rain, snow and wind, it was tested. In the summer it rains often in Great Britain. That's why it was important that the torch from the rain cannot simply be deleted. The Olympic flame must not go out on their way to the Olympic stadium that is. Sometimes that happens anyway. Soon the whole trip a replacement flame is. Where the fire may be lit again.

2. The Olympic torch always looks different. The city, which hosts the Olympic Games, must design it. London has opted for a golden, triangular flare. It is 80 centimetres high and made from a very light metal. It weighs only 800 grams, which is less than a litre of water. In addition, the torch exactly 8,000 holes. So many people are carrying a torch during the torch relay.

3. Every torchbearer has its own flare. Only the flame is passed from one to another. To carry a torch, is a special honour. 7300 residents Britain were selected to be a torchbearer. You all have done something special, for example, collected donations and helped others. Among the runners is also a 100 year old grandmother. The latest torch bearer, twelve years old. The remaining 700 torches carried by athletes and famous people. The last torch bearer may then ignite the Olympic flame. Who will be this is still a secret.

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