Monday, June 25, 2012

Germany's oldest golfer is 105

Munster Alfred Koch wants to take golf lessons in the New Year and improve your handicap.

He is the genius of the golf club Munster-Wilkinghege. On Saturday, celebrating Professor Alfred Koch, who is regarded as Germany's oldest active golfer, his 105th Birthday. The day before he strikes again from him in about 50 years ago founded Cathedral Square. There, the club founder speaks only as "Professor" and hands him a silver key. From the garage of the club is a golf cart driven up. Cook stands in it from your golf bag with more than a dozen clubs and can go to his favourite whole number 5.

He stressed the driver at the tee behind your back, stretch and hits the ball about 50 yards away. Cook is annoyed. So he can not improve your handicap 36th in the coming years will change that. Then he wants to take golf lessons. Koch apologizes that he is not so good today in the form. "Normally I overcome a 200-meter track loose in six shots," says the former sports medicine. But Monday he was in the bathroom on hand to the joint. Since then, he felt restricted in his movements.

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