Monday, June 25, 2012

Microsoft continues to focus on Windows Mobile 7

The launch of Windows Phone 8 is not the end of Windows Phone 7 Microsoft wants to get the older version still used, but only at entry devices that are designed especially emerging markets.

Despite the launch of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft plans Windows Mobile 7 will continue to support and deploy. The new version of Windows Phone 8 is to come, especially on devices of the Middle and Upper Class. Windows Mobile 7 will be used in future mobile devices, entry-level class. Especially in emerging countries should play Windows Mobile 7 remains a role.

Which manufacturers Windows Mobile 7 smartphone will deliver is still unclear. Already available device with Windows Mobile 7 will not get a complete update, but can be retrofitted with only a few features. This is because Windows Phone 8 comes along with higher demands on hardware than its predecessor.

According to an analyst's report, even Microsoft is working on its own smartphone with Windows Mobile 8th The Windows Phone 8 Microsoft Smartphone in 2012 hit the market, technical details are not yet known. The fact that Microsoft, a new smartphone with its own Windows Mobile 7 brings to the market is unlikely. Probably a third party will take care of these smartphones.

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