Monday, July 16, 2012

Apple gets back eco-labeling


Just days after Apple had announced to abstain from participating in a major American environmental program, revised the company's decision. The computer manufacturer would have risked losing major customers.

Under pressure from its customers around the U.S. electronics giant Apple back to a U.S. environmental seal. "We have heard from many loyal Apple customers that they were unhappy with the decision that we have taken our products in the EPEAT rating system," wrote hardware chief Bob Mansfield on Friday to open a letter. "I admit that was amistake."

The head of the eco-labelling, Robert Frisbee, confirmed Apple's 180-degree turn: "All previously registered Apple products and a number of new products are back in the EPEAT system." Technology blogs have suggested that the latest laptop series MacBook Air because of its compact design to meet the requirements for recyclability and simple repair and Apple is no longer the same, therefore, prefer all devices from the environmental label withdraw. "Our commitment to protecting the environment has never changed," assured Apple-man Mansfield.

iPhone, iPad, iPod, and not part of EPEAT

With the support of the withdrawal from the U.S. government's environmental label, Apple had blocked the way to numerous government contracts. Many governments and schools require new purchases that a device meets the EPEAT requirements. The city of San Francisco had already been announced to create any more Apple computers.

Apple has made, according to the EPEAT database certified 40 products, from desktop computers, PCs and monitors. It got the highest rating in all cases the devices: the so-called Gold Seal. This also applies to previous versions of the MacBook Air was on the less understanding of the retreat pushed Apple. The iPhone, the tablet computer iPad and the iPod music player does not run under an environmental label.

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