Friday, October 26, 2012

Sony's Playstation 3 finally hacked apparently

sony ps3

A group of hackers has found a way to break the strongest defensive wall of the security software on the Sony Playstation 3. This would allow the owner of a model with custom firmware unlimited use copied games on the console and re-install unauthorized software such as emulators, or even Linux.

The group, calling itself "The Three Musketeers", published on Monday a secret collection of LV0 codes, which can be decrypted with the Level-0-layer security, the primary boot loader of the Playstation 3 is used. Characterized hackers are theoretically permanently in a position to provide a customized device firmware when Sony updates the software of the console.

"This means that all future firmwares and all future games can be decrypted and this time they can do [Sony] really do not mind", "Marcan", one of the hackers behind the so-called fail0verflow writes exploit, in an entry on Slashdot . "In addition, should any user of a susceptible or hacked firmware - assuming the usual cat-and-mouse game of analyzing and patching the firmware - maintained this status even after any future updates, since all future firmwares for old PS3s decrypted patched, and can be reset. "

Playstation 3 owners who do not use modified firmware or downgrade to such may have been unaware of the exploit. Details can be found in an FAQ in the forum of

Apparently The Three Musketeers have released LV0 codes just because a competing group of hackers had stolen the information and wanted to offer customized based on which firmware for money. "You can be sure that the key had never seen the light of day if it had not been for this leak. Only the fear that our work is being misused by others to make money, have forced us to "publish now, the Musketeers write in a note to the exploit.

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