Monday, August 1, 2011

Live 20 years longer thanks to healthy diet

That healthy eating is important for a healthy life and a healthy body that is not a Gehmeinis. Now Ernärhungswissenschaftler discovered in an investigation: Who eats properly, can hope to be up to age 20 years.

Much fat, sugar and much salt: Today's diet is often so unhealthy that it not only makes fat. Because according to German Nutrition Society (DGE) in Germany are "food-related illnesses for 68 percent, more than two-thirds of the deaths." Go Of the approximately 850,000 deaths annually in the country more than 550,000, at least in part on the account of the diet. 

In reverse, a healthy diet can obviously extend the life. "Those who can properly nourished, may hope for a further bonus of up to 20 years," the Jena nutritionist Michael Ristow says to the world. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, lots of fish and little meat included in the opinion of Ristow to the diet. This red meat is particularly unfavorable. Ristow cautioning against compensate for the vitamin requirements with tablets. No amount of high-dose vitamin capsule can replace an apple with its hundreds of individual substances.

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