Monday, April 16, 2012

According to the Chronicle of forcing his Facebook users now have a mail address on

Facebook wants its users to get a separate e-mail address of the social network. Currently Facebook is globally still busy all the members of the timeline to impose. According to reports, Facebook will begin in the coming weeks to all users of the platform

Even at its announcement caused the timeline, which is in Germany for much criticism Chronicle. Is currently Facebook still doing most of the known world to share whiteboard on the platform to the Chronicle, or timeline. Now it was announced that Facebook will allocate its own Facebook-users e-mail address.

Obviously, there is Facebook regardless of whether users want to have the platform this or not. In the coming weeks to all users of the social network is now apparently in addition to the Chronicle also e-mail address forced on to the platform. For 2 years all the users are already set up a Facebook e-mail address with the domain suffix com is available.

Now this is obviously for every Facebook member on duty. In the world, according to his own statements in February 2012, more than 845 million active users are various names appear multiple times, so that many addresses probably compromises must be made and thus not be the registered user name in the planned forced e-mail address is used can.

If the forced e-mail address is used is more communication on the server platform, and this could thus establish more as a communication hub / center. Facebook reportedly will take the opportunity and the user names of its members to unify.

What changes to the user of the platform is currently uncertain. Having already caused the announcement of the timeline / history for a lot of criticism remains to be seen how the users of the platform to respond to the announcement of the allocation of their own forced e-mail address.

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