Monday, April 30, 2012

Green Home: 7 points essential for you to decide

Why should you build a green home? The media and most of the debates and issues of our time directly or indirectly affect the environment. Since the construction or renovation activities are very common, often generating pollution, then maybe we can stop 2 minutes to consider all the positive aspects of a green building, including the economic and financial. With a green home, there are undeniable financial benefits. Indeed, you can save substantial energy. 

Through the use of recycled and recyclable natural materials, natural insulation techniques more effective long-term, or with electricity generators "natural" such as solar panels or wind. Cumulatively, the savings translate into are quite substantial in many cases. Building a house "green" is also a citizen because the materials chosen will not harm the environment and they may even be beneficial for the economy if local homeowners are opting for locally produced materials instead of wood to choose cheaper but of international origin.

Some green homes are built of recycled materials which mean less waste and less waste that often pollutes nature. These are usually the cause of their disease if treatment is not done correctly. Build a house greener with recycled products is beneficial to both the client's portfolio for the ecology. When you sell or rent your green, you'll see another advantage: you will find people interested more quickly and the value of your home will be higher than a standard house, all things being equal. Comfort, durability, clean energy and increased energy efficiency will make your home irresistible market.

In terms of finances, the advantages of a green home: in some countries or provinces, the government awarded tax credits for materials, labour or LEED certified homes in order to encourage green building. Sometimes even the renovations of an environmentally friendly manner are eligible. Have you ever spent a few hours or more in a real home environment? If this is the case, you may have noticed the level of overall comfort of these homes: quality of air breathed, natural light, acoustic performance and reduced outside noise ... you could almost believe in heaven! In light of these points, it will be difficult or illogical, to say that a green home does not make sense from a global point of view: economic, social, medical and personal. With a healthy home, you take your health and that of its occupants into account, your bank account will appreciate, and your community will be grateful.

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