Monday, March 12, 2012

Google panda update in February

Google runs on a regular basis so-called panda updates. At the end of February, another update now that the Google team has officially confirmed until today.

In total there were 40 changes that we have picked out the top three.

There are 3 main changes made by Google, the latest update:

- Panda update. The Panda 3.3 Update 26 February, some data in the Google Panda modified system. It runs according to statements from Google now more accurate and especially sensitive to new content in the Web. This means that new content and pages have grown even faster in the search engine results.

- Link analysis. Google analyzes now link text (anchor text) and type of linkage in more detail in order to get better about what topics treated that site. Changes in this regard will be held regularly.

- Improving Local rankings. The search results local search results are still treated better. On page 1, there are now increasingly Google Places pages and relevant websites of local suppliers.

What does this mean for site owners?

- Fresh Content. Current content and regular updates are a must. Since current page content should now have grown even more as it is, above all, shop for vendors set up a blog on which you can be informed about the latest products.

- Link diversity and meaningful link text. Vary the Link Text / Anchor Link! Do not use the same link text, and only pay attention to the linking of the inner pages link to informative texts. Use the keyword is not alone but meaningful link text containing the keywords. A site with their current swimwear offers, you should as with the link text "Current Swimwear Offers" link instead of just "swimwear".

- Local listings in Google Places. Get a Google page to Places in the local search results to be on top of it. The advantages of a good Google ranking Places are huge and should not be used in any web page on you.

Punishments of websites with bad SEO background

As with any Panda update individual websites with bad content and link building will be punished. Our clients websites have only positive effects of all updated in Panda - Quality pays for itself even more from now - to the delight of our clients.

If your website penalized by Google and is now only in the back Google results?
Talk to us, we can help you back into the top rankings.

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