Monday, March 12, 2012

SEO search engine optimization search engine marketing tips

Who today on the Internet long-term success with its Internet presentation would be dependent on a good visibility on the Internet. Play the major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN a crucial role. Only someone who has good visibility in the major search engines can be successful in the long term with its home page. The following points make a search engine optimization for long-term success indispensable:

•    About. 90% of all Internet users are using search engines to the desired offer!
•    About. 90% of all Internet users consider only the first 10 search results!
•    Of these, approximately 70% have a firm intention to buy!

In order to achieve the desired visibility in the major search engines, there are different possibilities. Its focus was the search engine optimization:

The search engine optimization is concerned with the improvement of positions in search results of a search engine that reaches a certain site with a specific keyword or keyword combination.

To perform a successful search engine optimization can do a lot of experience and knowledge of the current search engine algorithms are required. On the following pages we present you, dear reader, all the basic information about the search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Main attention is paid to the following points:

•    On-page optimization
•    Off page optimization
•    Keyword Research
•    Long Tail
•    Viral Marketing
•    Online Marketing
•    SEO Tools

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