Monday, March 19, 2012

Less depression by coffee

Coffee beans are attributed for a long time many health benefits. Coffee stimulates the senses, is inspiring and should also protect against cardiovascular diseases. Scientists at Harvard Medical School have found using a data analysis that coffee seems to be the onset of mental illness, depression inferior. The exact circumstances are still unclear, however.

Coffee may appear before depression. Protect Women in particular should benefit from this context, as a science degree at Harvard Medical School found. In one study, researchers evaluated the data of 50,000 women from the United States. The women studied were an average of 63 years old life. The study followed the women from the beginning in 1996, exactly 10 years.

During the study period, subjects completed at various intervals of several questionnaires. That the women were interviewed, for example, the daily coffee consumption and depression. At baseline, none of the participants suffered from mental illness.

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